Tutorial: Using the Toolbar in Compose Mode for Blogger

After, you’ve created a blog in Blogger, the next step is to start writing all your wonderful posts! So, knowing how to use the toolbar in Compose Mode is essential! There are two different modes for writing a post, –Compose Mode and Edit HTML. We are going to focus on the Compose Mode for this tutorial.

First, let’s look at the overall page for writing a post in the Old and New Blogger Interface.

This is the Old Blogger Interface

This is the New Blogger Interface
The toolbars in both the Old Blogger and New Blogger are exactly the same, but in my example below, I am using the Old Blogger screen shot. So, let’s gets started!

Let’s go over these from left to right:
1. Undo

2. Redo

3. Font
Blogger has 7 different fonts to choose from and then, of course, your default font. If you would like to change your font from the default font, simply highlight your text, and then select which font you would like from the drop-down menu. Here are the different fonts offered:

4. Font Size
You also have the option of changing your font size from “smallest” all the way up to “largest”.

5. Format
This changes the text to a heading style. This starts at a large and bold text all the way back to the normal formatting.

6. Bold

7. Italic

8. Underline

9. Strikethrough
This will put a line through your selected text.

10. Text Color
Blogger offers 64 different colors to choose from to beautify your blog.

11. Text Background Color
This will highlight your selected text.

12. Link
This is a really important and useful tool as a blogger. To use this, you will highlight the text you would like linked then click the LINK option in the toolbar. It will then prompt you to enter the URL you would like to link to. You can select whether or not you would like the link to open in a new window. I suggest that if you are linking to something else on your blog to not select this, but if you are linking to a completely different website, to have it open in a new window.

13. Insert Picture
This is how you will insert images in to your posts. You have the option of uploading from your computer, your blog (a previously uploaded picture), your Picasa Albums, your phone, your webcam, and a URL.

14. Insert Video
You can insert video with this tool. You can upload from YouTube, your YouTube videos, from your phone, or from your webcam.

15. Insert Jump Break
This will create a “read more” link to the rest of your post. So, for example, let’s say you only want a paragraph or two available to read on your main blog page, and then you want your reader to click on a “read more” link that takes them to the direct post to read the rest. This is what you will use. Simply type, your post, then go back and place your cursor where you would like your jump link, then select the JUMP LINK tool and it will insert it for you. Easy!

16. Text Align
You have the option of aligning your text to the left, right, middle, or justify.

17. Number List

18. Bullet List

19. Quote
This will set your text apart, center it, and make it distinct.

20. Remove Formatting
Let’s say you have selected to change a certain sentence to purple color, bolded it, and made it LARGE font. Now, let’s say you want to go back and remove all that formatting. This is the tool to do that. Simply select the text you’d like to remove the formatting from and select this tool.

21. Check Spelling

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this walk-through and that it helps you make your posts beautiful! 😉


  1. Your overview of the toolbar is great but no details.

    I have text background color checked (somehow by default) and I want to uncheck it so that no text background color appears. The feature does not allow unchecking. Right now, it’s checked on white which looks like no text background color until you preview and then you see white under the text against the template black background. How do I uncheck all backgroun color so that my light gray text appears against the black background of the template?

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