Featured Design | The Day Tradette

tdtmoodboardWe loved working with Rachel of The Day Tradette on her new custom blog design. Rachel is a finance guru and offers advice on investing and personal finance for young adults just starting out. Her blog teaches how to budget, save money and invest so you can maximize your money. Her writing is very straightforward so that “non-financey” people can easily apply the principles she teaches.

Rachel wanted her blog design to be clean, professional and sleek but at the same time to appeal to young adults. She requested to work with Erika S. because she loved the work showcased in our portfolio by Erika. Erika went to town and has worked her magic yet again. Here’s a look at the finished product:


Erika’s take on the project:

I love working with neutrals with a pop of color, so The Day Tradette was one of those designs that just fell into place for me. I love how the green (a little nod to money, since The Day Tradette is a finance blog) really stands out against everything else. It makes the blog have an air of fun to it. Possibly my favorite part of this design, though, is the sticky navigation! I love sticky navigation bars because I think they really take designs to the next level. They also prompt readers to click around a little bit on the site, which is always a great thing!

Rachel’s Testimonial:

I was looking for a new, custom, design for my blog, The Day Tradette. I wanted a design that was clean, black and white, and as a finance blog, could look both cute and professional. I was drawn to Designer Blogs’, and in particular Erika S.’, clean designs and thought it would be a great fit for a new design that didn’t break the bank.

Erika S. was so great to work with. I was very surprised at how quickly the process went – Erika was always extremely responsive, even when I had a bunch of tiny details I wanted to change. She seamlessly transferred my blog to the new design for me, and was even in touch after the new design went up to answer questions. As a finance blogger I care a lot about value, and it’s pretty hard to beat the value of Designer Blogs.

Be sure to check out The Day Tradette today!

Why Building a Mailing List Should Be Your Top Priority

Today we are starting a three week, three part series on the importance of having a mailing list and why failing to have one is a HUGE mistake. In this series we’ll discuss:

Part 1: Why building a mailing list should be your top priority. (today)
Part 2: How to create a mailing list and add mailing list opt-in boxes to your site. (next week)
Part 3: How to dramatically increase mailing list subscribers and target your dream audience. (in two weeks)

why-your-mailing-list-should-be-your-top-priorityThere are endless excuses why people don’t have a mailing list. My excuse was always that I just didn’t have the time (can you relate?). I’m a full-time stay-at-home mom that runs a full-time business on less than part-time hours. Cramming everything this business requires of me into just a few hours a day has always been a struggle. I’ve had to learn how to really prioritize my time and, as a result, building a mailing list has always ended up on the back burner.

Well, five months ago, my hubby and I adopted a beautiful baby girl who has significant medical needs, so it has limited the time I’ve been able to dedicate to Designer Blogs even further. I found it necessary to really step back and evaluate how to make the best use of my decreased work time. Since I have a very capable team of top notch designers I felt the best use of my time would be for me to step completely away from designing and finally focus my attention on email marketing, this blog, and building a better brand.

That shift in focus has made all the difference in the world for Designer Blogs! Five months ago our email list was non-existent, which meant we had zero subscribers. None, zilch, nada! Since focusing on building our email list, we’ve gone from 0 to 10,000+ subscribers in just five months (I’ll teach you how we did this in part 3) and our list continues to grow by several hundred each week! Our sales and traffic have dramatically increased and I’m now banging my head against the wall for not focusing on building our mailing list sooner!

If you want to grow your business or blog, you absolutely MUST make building your email list your top priority. It needs to be an even bigger priority than building your fan base on social media.

Here’s why:

1) Email is less competitive than social media

Think about how many emails you get in an average day. Maybe 50 to 100? Now think about how many social media updates appear in your various feeds each day. Several hundreds to thousands! You have a far higher likelihood of having people see, open, and click on your email newsletter than you do having them see updates you post on social media. It’s a lot easier to ignore a status update than it is to ignore an email in your inbox.

2) Email is far more personal and reliable

People may not be looking at your blog or website every day, but they do check their email numerous times a day. As fabulous as your site probably is, it’s still not as important to people as their inboxes. Having a mailing list helps you connect and build a personal relationship with your readers on an ongoing basis, which in turn, builds trust.

3) You own your email list

You have no ownership over social media, which means they can change their policies and the reach your status updates have at any time (take Facebook for example). Having people on your email list keeps you in control and your exposure to your subscribers completely in your hands.

4) Your mailing list is directly aligned to revenue

You need to consider every person you acquire on your email list a potential customer. Marketing to them over and over again will build their trust and will (hopefully) eventually turn them into paying customers. Whether you realize it or not, your email list serves as a direct reflection of the energy and success of your business or blog.

Hands down, building a targeted email list is THE most important thing you can do to grow a successful blog or business. Don’t put it on the back burner like I did. Put it at the top of your priority list and I promise you’ll start seeing the same amazing results we have.

Coming up next week in part 2, I’ll teach exactly how to get a mailing list set up and opt-ins placed on your site so you can start growing your list fast! In part 3 (in two weeks), I’ll teach you how to dramatically increase your mailing list subscribers and target your dream audience.

Speaking of mailing lists, why don’t you take a second to join ours below and you’ll receive our Ultimate Blog Planner Kit absolutely FREE!

We wanna to hear from you! What has been your excuse for not setting up a mailing list? Or, if you already have one set up, what successes have you seen from it? Let us know!


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Color Love | Orange + Teal

orange-and-teal-color-schemeimage source: creature comforts

Don’t you just want to crawl right inside this inviting teal and orange color palette? Teal and orange fall opposite of each other on the color wheel which make them the perfect color pair in any blog design. Teal blue recharges the spirit, alleviates stress, and is always a showstopper in blog design. Orange radiates happiness and warmth and is psychologically known to help us look on the bright side of life. Pairing shades of orange and teal in blog design will create an inviting and relaxing design your visitors won’t want to leave. You can’t go wrong with this bold color duo.

Posted by: Erin

The Power of Color in Blog Design

The Power of Color in Blog Design - Designer BlogsWhether we realize it or not, our minds are automatically programed to respond to color. Color shapes our moods, our thoughts, and our emotions. Because of the subconscious affect color has on the mind, it’s important to keep the psychology of color in mind when selecting colors for your blog design. Your choice of color may very well make the difference between a reader hanging out for hours on your site or clicking the “get me outta here quick” (aka: red “X”) button.

We’ve compiled some color associations below to help your conscious mind understand some things that your subconscious mind is already very aware of. Whoa, now that’s getting deep! As you read through this list, think about which color descriptions best match the message you are trying to portray through your blog.

color-chartFINALThe color palette you choose for your blog design should represent the personality of your blog. What this means is that it’s important to select colors that reflect the message your blog is trying to portray rather than selecting colors you are personally drawn to. For example, a food blogger might be personally drawn to the color blue, but because blue is known to suppress the appetite, it would be wiser for that blogger to use red or orange shades in their design because they have been shown to increase appetite. A health/fitness blogger might want to incorporate the color green because it is reflective of health and growth. A beauty/makeup blogger might want to incorporate pink as it would appeal to their target market. The goal with color is to use colors that appeal to your ideal blog audience and accurately portray the message of your blog.

Based off the color associations above, do you feel the colors you’ve chosen for your blog accurately represent the personality of your blog? If not, give us a holler and we’d be delighted to help you fix that!

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Featured Design | Made With Pink

madewithpink moodboardWe were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Andrea of Made With Pink on her custom blog design. Andrea named her baking and dessert blog Made With Pink because all of her kitchen and baking equipment is pink. Such a cute and clever title! Her blog compares the differences between baking in North America and the UK, all while doing it with pink. Spend just a few seconds on Andrea’s blog and your mouth with start watering because her recipes and photos look so unbelievably delicious! These enticing Salted Caramel Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Bars are just a taste of the delectable recipes you’ll find on her blog.

Andrea requested Erika S. to be her designer because she loved the work showcased in our portfolio by Erika.  Andrea wanted her design to be clean and simple. She loves pink and grey and wanted interesting hand-written fonts and geometric shapes to be incorporated. Erika took Andrea’s requests and took off running! Here’s a look at the finished product:


Erika’s take on the project:

Andrea was a lot of fun to work with. Her initial order stated that she liked clean designs with a lot of white space. Immediately, I knew her design was something I was going to love working on. The moodboard was so much fun to create. Everything seemed to fall into place, and I loved that Andrea threw in her design opinions as well. She knew exactly what she wanted, and we worked together really well to create a blog that highlights her amazing skills in the kitchen. Definitely check out her blog, when you get a minute. Everything Andrea touches turns out flawlessly. I’m so happy I had the chance to work with her.


Andrea’s testimonial:

“For the past couple of years I’ve wanted to overhaul my site by moving it to WordPress and giving it a bit of a facelift. I’d fallen out of love with my old blogger site, so much so that I couldn’t bear to publish another post on it. Mainly because whatever I published on the old blog, meant also needing to transfer it over to the new blog. A prospect that terrified me. Throughout the past year or so I’ve dabbled in designing a new layout myself, and trying to understand the complex process of unlocking domains, transferring content, fixing links, and transferring name servers. I wasn’t getting anywhere fast. In the end, it was a thoughtful Christmas present from my husband that finally led me to hire Erika S. over at Designer Blogs. We worked together to identify the style I wanted my new site to be, and she put together an awesome mood board which was exactly what I wanted. Once we’d agreed on the mood board Erika got to work creating my site, and took care of all the content transfer stuff that plagued me for years.

Overall I’m super happy with my new design. It’s so much lighter, brighter and whiter! I wanted to keep it super simple, with lots of white, and just a touch of pale pink and grey. Now my pictures are much larger, and really stand out on the clean white background, rather than getting lost in a sea of dark grey like they were on my blogger site.”

Be sure to hop on over to check out Made With Pink. Your taste buds will thank you.

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April Desktop Background

april-desktop-backgroundSpring has sprung and I’m loving it! With Spring comes new beginnings, tulips, daffodils and Spring showers. This months desktop background highlights the Spring showers aspect of the season. Enjoy!

For personal use only.

Posted by: Erin 

Fonts That Come With Extras

fonts-that-come-with-extrasToday we have compiled a collection of great typefaces that give you the most bang for your buck because they all come with fun extras! Gotta love free goodies, right? Many of these fonts include fancy calligraphy glyphs which you can learn how to use by following this tutorial.

Font sample on the left. Extras included with the font shown on the right. Enjoy!












Featured Design | Auburn Rose

moodboardsampleWe were elated to have the opportunity to work with Lauren of Auburn Robes on her custom blog design. Lauren loves exploring new places and shares her love of fashion, beauty and her travels on her blog. Her desire to better herself will inspire you to become a better person yourself. Lauren really wanted a very minimalist black and white design. Sometimes minimalist designs can be the most difficult to achieve because they require the perfect balance of white space and elemental interest. Our gifted designer Kate took Lauren’s vision and turned it into a stunning design. The hand-brushed logo font creates the perfect touch of interest and pairs seamlessly with the simplicity of the design.  Here’s a look at the finished product:

desktopClick here to check out Auburn Robes live.

Just Launched | Designer Blogs Affiliate Program

affiliateWe couldn’t be more excited to announce that Designer Blogs now has an affiliate program! Promote our blog templates and earn commission on every sale you send our way! Simply display one of our banner ads on your site and/or include your affiliate link in a post and watch your account balance grow as your visitors become our customers.

How Does it Work? The process is very simple:

1. Visitor clicks on an affiliate banner ad or link on your site, social media page, or in an email.
2. The visitors IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.
3. The visitor browses our templates, and may decide to order.
4. If the visitor orders (the order does not need to be placed during the same browser session – cookies and IPs are stored for 60 days), the order will be registered as a sale for you and you will receive commission for this sale.

For now commissions will be limited to our blog templates only — however, we do plan to expand the program to all items on our site in the future.

Becoming an affiliate is the perfect way to start earning money to put towards a new blog design! Click here to sign up and start earning today!

Note: our affiliate program has replaced our referral program so we will no longer be distributing referral bonus coupons–however if you have an old referral coupon that you have not yet redeemed, it will still be valid until the expiration date.

Free Spring Blogger Templates

We’re coming at you today with another installment of our free seasonal Blogger templates. This time with a set of fresh free Spring Blogger templates. All font colors are customizable in these templates. Everything else comes as shown in each preview. Remember that by downloading these templates you are agreeing to these terms. We hope you enjoy them!




For personal use only.