Printable | Fall Bucket List


The official first day of Fall (Sept. 22) is less than a week away so we thought we’d create another bucket list printable for the Fall season to help you make the most of this beautiful time of year. You can either write your list directly on the printable, or have it printed at a photo lab and place it in a frame behind glass. You can write with a wet erase marker directly on the glass and wipe it off with a wet cloth when you’re ready to make a new list.

free bucket list printable

Click below to download:


The zip file contains both an 8×10 and 12×18 printable (I trimmed my 12×18 print slightly to fit into an 11×17 inch frame).

Happy Fall bucket listing!

From Board to Blog | Casual Elegance


Today’s Board to Blog is all about casual elegance!  Casual elegance in fashion mixes comfort with a bit of sophistication. The casual elegant board above blends casual elements like handwritten fonts, curves, and blues with the elegance of gold and blush. If you like this style, you might like our Jasmine template found in our $15 Blogger Template shop. Jasmine’s clean lines and handwritten font create a perfectly casually elegant design.


Mobile Responsive Coding

mobile responsive coding

It has been predicted that the number of mobile devices will exceed the number of people in the world by the end of 2014 and that 66% of mobile traffic will consist of smartphones by 2018. Those are some pretty crazy stats! With this increase in mobile device use, it becomes more and more important to have a mobile responsive site. Having a mobile responsive site creates a better user experience for mobile users and has been shown to increase traffic, decrease bounce rate (that means your readers are sticking around longer) and has been shown to increase page views.

mobile responsive design

We, of all companies, understand the importance of mobile responsive coding–however, to keep our blog designs reasonably priced, we do not include it as a standard feature with our designs. Mobile responsive coding can, however, be purchased as an add-on to any custom, premade or template design (look for “mobile-responsive coding” under the “coding” section in any of our shops).

Here are some visual examples of how adding mobile responsive coding to your site can make a huge difference.


It’s true that all Blogger designs (whether or not you have a design from us) come with Blogger’s default mobile coding (yay!)–however that coding does not allow many of your design elements to show (boo!). Rather than showing your beautiful header design, it may show only ugly default text. Our mobile coding codes the site to allow all design elements to show beautifully on mobile devices.



Without mobile responsive coding on WordPress designs, you see the full design as you would see it on a computer screen and then you have to zoom in and out to view and access the content. Mobile responsive coding neatly organizes all of the content nicely within the width of the mobile screen so all links and content can be accessed and viewed easily.


Here is a great tool for testing how your design looks on mobile screens.

Adding mobile responsive coding to your design may not be in your budget right now, but it’s something we highly recommend adding in the future to ensure your blog is a user friendly place for both computer and mobile users alike.

September Desktop Background


We’re a little late in posting our September desktop background, but here it is! We thought we’d throw a little gold/black bling your way this month. Click the link below to download it to your computer.


Remember this is for personal use only.


Links to Love


Happy weekend friends! Here are a few links we are loving this week.

This adorable performance by Lea Salonga (voice of Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin) and a young man she called up from the audience. This will put a smile on your face big time.

– This calligraphy art print shop.

– These Bobbin chairs.

– Raw, vegan, gluten and dairy free blueberry coconut dreamsicles.

Paper flower garland.

Trending: Modern Calligraphy Fonts

One of the latest trends in blog design and print design is the use of modern calligraphy fonts. Modern calligraphy fonts create a hand-drawn, modern, informal style and do so much to produce stand-out designs. Calligraphy fonts create interest and when used correctly can create stunning natural focal points in blog design. Here’s a collection of our current favs:


The majority of these fonts cost a pretty penny, but adding even just a few of these to your font collection will be well worth the investment as they will dramatically increase the professionalism and appeal of your designs. Many of these fonts also include glyphs (the fancy swirly embellishments) which can make each font even that more stunning and unique. Learn how to use the glyphs here.


Liking vs. Following a Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook page set up for a business, blog or other organization, there is a good chance people who have liked your page are not seeing your posts. It is also true that if you have liked a page, you are probably no longer seeing that pages feed. This is because the competition for feed space has increased dramatically recently. The excess of content and lack of space has forced Facebook to filter feeds in an effort to showcase the posts they feel are the most relevant. As you can imagine many brands, businesses, and public figures are pretty upset about the drop in reach. Facebook is forcing pages to pay to boost their posts, when in the past they’ve provided that same reach for free. So not cool.

Despite these changes, there are a few things you can do if you own a page to ensure your posts get better reach. First, ask those who “like” your page to also “follow” it. There is a button next to the like button that allows people to follow your feed. If those who like your page aren’t also following it, there’s a good chance they won’t be seeing many of your posts.


Second, you can post better content. The more comments and likes a post has, the better reach it will have on Facebook. So work on improving the relevancy of your posts.

So…if you want to be sure you aren’t missing any of our posts, please “follow” our Facebook page in addition to liking it. Also make sure you are also “following” all of the pages you like to be sure you aren’t getting left in the dark.

Color Love | Light Pinks & Blues

Light Pinks & Blues

Image source: Post Road Vintage

Pink peonies are by far my favorite flower. They add charm and nostalgia to any garden or flower arrangement with their large and fragrant blooms. Adding a few pink peonies to a simple canning jar can make a stand out center piece at any pink/ blue themed party.

Light pinks and blues also make stand out blog designs as demonstrated in some of our talented designers work. All of these designs are currently available in our $15 Blogger Template Shop.





Links To Love (and giveaway winner announced)


Happy Weekend All!  Do you have plans to go out?  Stay in?  Here are some things that we are loving this week.

– This DIY leaf bowl

– Have you ever suffered from this language quirk?  I must admit, I have from time to time.

– A great piece of advice for those wanting to start a blog.

– Wouldn’t you love to get a package addressed like this?

And now on to our August Giveaway.  Thank you so much to those of you who entered, and thanks even more for your kind words on our relaunch!

The winner is Tracy!

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 8.19.27 AM

Tracy, you can contact us right here to claim your giveaway package.

Thanks again to all who participated!  Have a lovely weekend!

From Board to Blog | Color Pop

Before we get started today, just a quick reminder to enter our giveaway here.  It ends tomorrow!


Today’s Board to Blog is all about COLOR!  We love seeing blogs that have a strong pop of it somewhere.  It doesn’t have to be a ton, just one or two bold statements that say that you are daring and bold.  The color pop style is for trailblazers and creatives – those who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and say “look at me”.  People who gravitate towards the color pop style know how to mix patterns and colors and know how to play up those features without going overboard.  If you like this style, you might like a blog that resembles this.