How to Add a Favicon to Your Blog

how to add a favicon to your blogHaving a favicon on your blog or website is an important aspect in creating brand identity. Favicons are small icons (usually 16×16 pixels) which appear next to your blog title in the browser tab. Favicons help readers identify your blog and are super easy to add.

This tutorial will walk you through how to add a favicon in both WordPress and Blogger. If you don’t already have a favicon available to use on your blog, we’ve created a few basic ones that you can use as you try out this tutorial. Here are the favicon’s included in the file:


In WordPress

First, we need to install the All in One Favicon plugin.  Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on “Plugins” and then “Add New.”


Search for “All in One Favicon” by Arne Franken.


Then click on “Install Now” under the name.  It will ask you if you are sure and just click OK.  Then, activate the plugin on the next screen.


Now you will see the All in One Favicon plugin under your “Installed Plugins.”

To upload your custom favicon so it will be present on your website/blog, click on “Settings” underneath the “All in One Favicon” title.

img6You will see the following screen.  Click “upload” by the “PNG frontend” option.  We are using a .png for this exercise, but this plugin also supports .ico, .gif, and Apple Touch icons as well.


Find your favicon file you saved to your computer.  After it uploads, be sure to push “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen.

img14And that’s it, folks!  See how easy that was?  Head on over to your website and see how your new favicon looks!

In Blogger

In your dashboard, click on Layout. Then find the Favicon box and click “Edit.”


Then click “Choose File” and search your computer for the favicon file you wish to upload. Then click “Save” to save your changes.


View your blog and you’ll see your new favicon!

If you’d like a custom favicon designed that coordinates perfectly with your blog design, visit our blog accessories shop and purchase the “favicon” option and a designer will be in touch to get that custom designed and added to your blog for you.

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5 Tips for Successful Pinterest Marketing

5 Tips for Successful Pinterest MarketingFor bloggers and marketers, the holiday season means promoting content and selling to as many people as possible in order to increase sales and traffic. One way to do so is through social media, specifically, through the Pinterest platform. How can you get started? Follow these five tips:

1. Use the perfect image

As users scroll through dozens of images from brands, friends, and celebrities, your image needs to stand out in order to get them to stop to take a closer look. It’s recommended you use a vertical image with a minimum width of 600 pixels. Always choose lighter images over darker ones, and if appropriate, put a small text overlay on the image to make it clear why people should stop and look. For example, if you are advertising a sale on your product line, place a text overlay on the image to announce the discount. Even if you already have this information in the caption, it’s much more effective when it’s placed on the image.

2. Pin often

If you really want to increase the visibility of your pins on Pinterest, make sure you are pinning often. It’s suggested that brands pin up to five times per day—but, don’t pin everything all at once. Schedule your pins to post at various times throughout the day so you’ll hit a wider range of people without coming across as spammy.  If you don’t want to remember to log in and post a single pin every few hours, look for a third party tool that allows you to schedule everything in advance, such as ViralTag.

3. Find group boards

Pinterest allows users to create boards and invite other people to pin on them. These boards, which are known as group boards, are a great way to promote your pins to people who otherwise wouldn’t see your content. Use the PinGroupie tool to find group boards that are relevant to your business. Then, ask the board owner to add you as a pinner so you can begin to upload pins of your products. Make sure you don’t overload the board with your products, otherwise the members of the board may be turned off by the amount of content you’re sharing.

4. Focus on the product use

Instead of posting images that just show the product, think of how you can demonstrate how the product is used. For example, clothing and jewelry should be shown on models so users can see what the item looks like when it’s on. If there are step-by-step directions that need to be followed in order to use your product, create a large image with each step of the process clearly displayed. These images are much more appealing to users who are scrolling through Pinterest than basic product shots.

5. Use detailed descriptions

Pinterest is all about the images—but that doesn’t mean you should forget about the description. Every pin you post should have a detailed description full of relevant keywords. This will improve your chances of being shown in the search results of someone’s query within the site.

For more information on how to maximize your presence on Pinterest—and increase your sales—take a look at this helpful infographic from Brilliance:

Pinterest Holiday Marketing

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Contributed by: Nick Rojas of Brilliance

20 Best Free Holiday Fonts

20 Best Free Holiday Fonts

1. Always Here | 2. Candy Cane | 3. City of Light | 4. Happy New One | 5. Snowinter | 6. Ice Cold
7. Mountains of Christmas | 8. Snowfall | 9. Happy | 10. One Starry Night | 11. Hard Candy
12. Merry Christmas | 13. Joyeaux Noel | 14. Dean Martin | 15. Grinched | 16. Plaid Event
17. Homestead | 18. I Love Christmas | 19. Santa’s Air Mail | 20. Breamcatcher

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Join Our Team

Now Hiring
Have you been itching to join our team of talented designers? Well, now’s your chance because Designer Blogs is hiring!

Job Description:

Designer Blogs designers are responsible for creating and adding designs to our template and premade shops. They are also responsible for fulfilling accessory orders, premade orders, custom blog, and custom website orders as assigned to them. Our designers set their own hours and accept as much or little work as their time permits–however, it is expected that any work accepted be completed in a timely manner using professional and timely communication skills. This is a work-at-home position. Compensation is on a commission basis.

To apply you must:

  • have the ability to design and install for Blogger blogs AND self-hosted blogs using the Genesis Framework and StudioPress Child Themes
  • be proficient in Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator
  • have a design style that is reflective of the Designer Blogs brand
  • be able to perform seamless Blogger to WordPress migrations
  • be loyal, friendly, trustworthy, and have exceptional customer service skills
  • be self-motivated to add and update designs in our template and premade shops
  • be capable of communicating clearly and frequently with assigned clients via email (and occasionally via phone or Skype)
  • be willing to go above and beyond for assigned clients
  • be dependable and able to follow through with promised dates and deadlines

If you meet this criteria and are interested in being considered, please click the link below to submit your application. We will contact you if we feel you might be a good fit for our team.

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Color Love | Winter Blues & Gray

blue & gray color paletteimage source: better homes and gardens

Don’t you just want to nuzzle yourself right into this relaxing blue, soft gray, & tranquil white color palette? These calming colors will bring a serene and peaceful feeling to any blog design. You’ll certainly envelop your readers in tranquility with this soothing palette.

If you love this placid palette, then you’ll be a fan of our Whitmore design. Whitmore, a responsive design for Blogger & WordPress, uses this color scheme in a simple, yet stylish way and can be found in our Blog template shop.


See our collection of other gorgeous color palette’s here.
Learn about the power of color in blog design here.

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