Free Facebook Cover Images

I am lucky enough to live somewhere where I am starting to see little signs of spring; melting snow, buds on the trees, birds chirping.  I am so excited to be done with snow!  This time of year always has me itching for spring cleaning and sprucing things up.  In that spirit, I am bringing you a few fresh free Facebook cover images to liven up your Facebook page.  Yay!

I’ve made three different covers that you can switch up as often as you like:

post2Spring Green

post3Blush Dots

post4Mint & Navy

Download Here & Enjoy!


How to Display Categories on WordPress Blog Pages

As your blog content grows, you may find it helpful to know different methods to display categories on WordPress blog pages. You can create a page with a single category or multiple categories.

When you create a new category in WordPress, a page will be generated that includes all the posts that you’ve assigned to that category. To view the direct link to the page with a single category, go to WordPress Dashboard > Posts > Categories.

Blog Category ListWhen you hover your mouse over the category title, a list of options will appear. Click on View to get the link to the single category page.

What if you want to create a category page that includes posts from specific categories?

Step 1: To begin, go to your WordPress Dashboard and select Posts > Categories. Create any of the categories that you would like to include on the category page.

Step 2: Hover your mouse over the category title and look at the bottom of your screen. You will see a long link similar to the example below.….

The link includes the ID number for your category. In this example, it’s ID 6. Note the IDs of each of your categories and continue with the next step.

Step 3: Create a New Page with a title that will describe your categories. In this example, we’ll have a category page for Dessert Recipes that will include recipes for the following categories: cupcakes, cookies, and brownies.

Step 4: Under Page Attributes, select Blog as the Template type.

Blog Page Attribute

Step 5: Next you will need to enable a feature called Custom Fields. At the top of the page editor window, you will see a tab called Screen Options. Check the box by custom fields.


Step 6: Scroll to the bottom of the page editor window until you see the boxes for Custom Fields. Enter the text query_args in the Name field box. In the value field box, you will use the category ID numbers that you noted in Step 2. Separate the categories with commas.

Add query_args custom field

Save your new category page.

You may find this method helpful when creating a navigation menu for your site.



Free Women’s Day Printable

International Women’s Day is on March 8th. In Poland (the country where I live) it is a really important event which is celebrated in schools, workplaces and everywhere else. It doesn’t matter if you are a young girl or an older woman – you get flowers or sweets on this day. I personally think it is really nice way to show women how important they are in everyday life and it’s also the perfect occasion to simply say ‘thanks!’ to them.

I’ve prepared for you a Free Women’s Day Printable which is a great reminder about how hard it is to be a woman. Remember to say something nice to all the women you know on March 8th!

Free Women's Day Printable
Click here to download the Free Women’s Day Printable in 8×10.


Tutorial: How to Add More Than 20 Pages to a Blogger Blog

Blogger is a great platform for beginning bloggers and has some amazing features. However, Blogger also has many limitations. Once such limitation is that Blogger only allows you to add up to 20 pages on your blog. But what if you need more than 20 pages? If that’s the case, then follow the tutorial below for instructions on how to add more than 20 pages to a Blogger blog.

Step 1: Create a New Post
Create a new post by clicking on the orange New Post button in your dashboard. When the post editor opens up, click on Schedule >> Set date and time. This will open an area to allow you to set a back date for the post. Back dating the post is important so it doesn’t show as a new post on your blog. This will bury the post so your readers will not see it as a post and so you can use this post as a new page. Back date it by simply changing the year to something long ago. In this example I changed the year from 2014 to 2005.  Then click Done.

Step 2: Title and Add Content to Post

Title the post page and then add the page content. Once the page is ready click Publish (you can always edit the content later).


Step 3: Copy the Posts URL

Find the post you just created and click View. Note: because the post is backdated you may need to use the search bar to pull the post up. Clicking View will pull just that post up.

Then find the URL of the post in the address bar and copy it by clicking CTRL+C (or Command+C if you are on a Mac).


Step 4: Add Post as a New Page
Next go to Pages in your dashboard and then click New page.  Since clicking on Blank page will pull up an error message if you already have 20 pages, click on Web address instead.

5Enter in the page title and paste in the url from the post you just created. Then click Save. You can add as many additional pages this way as you want.

6Step 5: Decide Where You Want the Pages to Show

Where is says Show pages as, select how you want your pages to show. If you choose Top tabs, your navigation bar will appear directly under your header (not recommended for this many pages). If you choose Side links, it will appear in your sidebar. If you choose Don’t show, then it will not show on your site and you can link to each page manually or you can purchase custom sidebar buttons from us and we will design coordinating sidebar buttons that can link to each of your pages (visit our blog accessories shop and purchase the “sidebar embellishment” option for these).

7Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about this tutorial.

Tutorial: Adding Labels to your Blog Posts (UPDATED)

I am excited to bring you a simple tutorial today on how to add labels to your Blogger blog posts. But as simple as it is, adding labels to your blog posts can help you organize your blog and clean it up. So, let’s begin.


Step 1: Either compose a new post or click on an already published post to edit. On the right hand side, there is a menu called “Post Settings.” Click on “Labels.”
Step 2: Type in all of the labels that you would like to categorize your post by. Make sure each label is separated by a comma and a space. Publish your post.addinglabelstutorial
Step 3: When you view your published post, you will see your labels appear at the bottom of your post.
Step 4: You can also go to your layout and add a built in gadget that has many options to list your labels on your sidebar for easy reference.
Now, let’s take it one step further.


Step 1:  Let’s say you want all of your posts that have the label “Celebrations” to automatically appear under the corresponding category in your navigation bar. Go back to your published post and click on the label “Celebrations.”
Step 2: Once the posts with the label “Celebrations” appear, highlight and copy the entire URL (ctrl+c or cmd+c).
Step 3: Go to your Layout and click “Edit” on your “Pages” gadget. Note: See this tutorial if you have not yet set up your navigation bar.
Step 4: Click on “+Add link page.” Note: You can drag and drop the categories to rearrange them in the order you’d like them to appear.
Step 5: Give a title to the new navigation bar category you are creating (in this case, “Celebrations”) and then paste the URL into the Web address box (ctrl+v or cmd+v). Click “Save Link” and then save the updated Page List.
Voilà! In the future, when the label “Celebrations” is attached to a post, the post will automatically appear under that category.
Happy labeling!!

President’s Day Sale

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Using Fancy Calligraphy Fonts

Calligraphy fonts are so popular right now aren’t they?  I love that there are so many options for fancy, swirly fonts out there.  I want to take a minute today to show you how to make sure that you have access to all of the fun swirls and twirls that come with your new font.

What You Will Need For This Tutorial:

- A sweet new font (generally these are always marked as an OTF – or Open Type Face font).  I am using Belluccia Pro for this tutorial.

- Adobe Illustrator

Here’s What You’ll Do

- Open a new document in Illustrator and use the text tool to write out your wording.


Go To Your Illustrator menu at the top of your screen and select TYPE and the scroll down and select GLYPHS.


This will open up your Glyphs panel.


You will then go back to your document and use your text cursor to highlight the letter that you would like to swap out.  I’ve chose the letter B here.

pic4When you highlight the letter, that letter becomes highlighted in the Glyphs panel.


If you click on the letter in the glyphs panel, all the letter options for the letter you have chosen pop up.  Click the one you want and Illustrator will swap it out for you.  Here I have changed the letter B and the final letter e.


The other great thing about the Glyphs panel is that you can scroll through the glyphs panel to see every character that is available within a particular font and can sometimes find some hidden nuggets that are a bonus to that font.

pic7Once you are satisfied with the way your document looks you can save it OR if you are more comfortable using Photoshop or have additional editing to do there, you can copy the text and then paste it directly into a document in Photoshop and continue editing from there.

Using fancy calligraphy fonts has never been more fun!


Free February Desktop Backgrounds

Free February Desktop Backgrounds

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly the holiday for hearts. Lots and lots of lovely hearts. I adore this holiday because I get to surround myself in hearts and pink decorations. It’s the best girly holiday.

To help share the love of Valentine’s Day, here are three free February desktop backgrounds to keep your desktop pretty for February.

Click here to download.

The zip file contains three 1280×800 png files for your desktop. Please remember that the desktop backgrounds are for personal use only!


Valentine’s Bag Toppers

In preparation for my son’s Valentine’s class party on Friday, we have been spending the day creating his class treats and a fancy Valentine’s box for him to take to school on Valentine’s Day.  For his class treat this year I decided to create some fun Valentine’s bag toppers and thought I’d share the printable with you in case you need a last minute class treat idea.


To create them you will need:

  • the printable linked below printed on bright white card stock paper (I recommend having them professionally printed)
  • scissors
  • stapler & staples
  • assorted Valentine’s candies
  • 4″ wide x 6.25″ tall plastic baggies (I purchased mine at Zurchers)–however, I ended up cutting about 1.25 inches off the tops of each one making the final bag size before filling it around 4″x 5″

1Aren’t they fun? I just filled them with random Valentine’s candy found at the grocery store.


The back of the printable has a place for your child to sign his/her name.


Click on the image or link below to download your copy.

Valentine's-Bag-Topper-Printable[CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF]

You can view another fun class treat idea that we shared last year here.



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