Featured Design | Chew Chew Mama

We were ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with Cindy of Chew Chew Mama on her custom blog design. As a dietetics/nutrition graduate, I (aka: Erin) have a special place in my heart for healthy eating blogs and love to see orders come in for them. Cindy is a clinically trained speech language pathologist and a feeding therapist. Her blog and services help people gain the tools and knowledge necessary to help children learn how to make healthy food choices and to actually become happy eaters. Pretty cool, huh? Cindy worked with Emily and Kate on her project. Emily created the logo and mood board and then the project was turned over to Kate who completed the full blog design. Here’s a look at how it turned out:

chew-chew-computerFull home/blog page design:


Kate’s take on the project:

Cindy’s project had a challenging beginning because it was started by another designer. It can sometimes be difficult to take over a project in the middle of the design process, but after discussing the details of the design with Cindy, I knew everything would be fine because she had a very clear vision of what she wanted. Cindy is an amazing person and has a passion for what she does. She had a very clear vision about every aspect of her design but was also very open to my ideas. Together we were able to create a beautiful and unique design. Bold and bright colors were used in the design to create an eye-catching design, but I feel the colors used are also reflective of Cindy’s fun and vibrant personality. The Chew Chew Mama brand is all about helping kids learn how to be healthy eaters. It shows that healthy, colorful eating can be just as fun as Cindy’s design was for me to create.

Custom designed content page:


Cindy’s take on the project:

Kate is an absolute sweet heart! I have loved every minute of working with Kate, in fact, it was the best thing that could have ever happened for me. Initially, I thought that communicating might be a problem since she is not located in the United States, but that was hardly the case. Kate is an awesome communicator and the time difference actually worked in my favor. It allowed me to answer fast questions by day and review things and send more detailed feedback at night. As I went to bed, she was getting up to my feedback and hours later, I was waking up to change on the test site each day. It was AWESOME. Kate is an incredibly, talented and creative designer. She was able to somehow transform my written ideas into a design that captured everything I envisioned and much more.

I know that I can be a bit Type A in personality and that I really requested a lot of detail on my site. It was important to me that my custom website be perfect, since it was launching my new business. Kate never, ever made me feel like I was asking too much (or driving her crazy!) :). She always took my requests and ran with them. She communicated what would work and always offered positive, alternative solutions when something didn’t. Kate is an incredibly kind person and a really hard worker. Designer Blogs is so lucky to have Kate! She is a dream designer — because of her talent and her kindness! Kate made me love my website more than any other website in existence. I am so very thankful that we got paired!

It was such an honor to work with Cindy. Be sure to hop on over to Chew Chew Mama to learn more about Cindy and the amazing work she does!

Learn more about our custom blog designs here.

October Desktop Background

october-desktop-backgroundCan you believe it’s already October? Where has the year gone? Since October is the month of all things creepy and scary, we thought we’d throw a creepy spider desktop background your way. If you couldn’t tell from our previous post, we’re kind of digging the spider theme this month. Click the link below for the download.


For personal use only.



Free Halloween Blog Templates

It’s just about time to pull out all of your creepy Halloween decorations! While you’re busy decorating, why not get your blog decorated for the season as well? These are the first of many free seasonal templates we’ll be throwing your way each season. Seasonal Blogger templates can be temporarily installed to your blog to give your blog a festive, yet stylish look. What’s best is that if you are using one of our $15 Blogger templates, you can re-install your $15 template when you are finished with the free seasonal design. Just make sure you save a back-up before installing any new design.



To install, download and save the free Halloween blog templates to your computer. Once the zipped folder has been saved to your computer, unzip the folder for your files. The folder contains the template design and the installation instructions. Please note that these template designs are for BLOGGER only. Enjoy!

For personal use only.



External Hard Drive Giveaway!

NEW-GIVEAWAY-IMAGEIf your house was on fire, what three things would you save?  I’ve been asked that question a number of times and these are the three things I always list (in order of importance): 1) my family, 2) my journals, 3) my external hard drive.

My external hard drive makes the list because it contains some of my most important and irreplaceable digital files: pictures of my family, home videos, business documents & files, my font collection, etc. External hard drives are awesome because they have tons of storage space and can either be used as a back-up to your computer’s hard drive or they can be used to store all of your files to help keep your computer’s hard drive free of clutter, which can really slow it down. If you use an external hard drive to store all of your files, it’s always important to have a back up external hard drive in case the initial hard drive crashes. External hard drives are also great because they are portable which means that as long as you have your external hard drive with you, you can access your saved files from any computer.

Toshiba-3TB-Canvio-Desktop-External-HDSo… since we think external hard drives are so fab here at Designer Blogs, we thought we’d give one away! Toshiba’s 3TB Canvio Desktop External Hard Drive boasts a whopping 3TB of storage space, is easy to use, and has super fast USB 3.0 technology. It can be used with PC’s or Mac’s (with reformatting) and includes the hard drive, AC power adapter, USB cable and a quick start guide as shown in the photo above.

Use the widget below to enter. Good luck!

External Hard Drive Giveaway!

Color Love | Turquoise & Charcoal

Turquoise-&-Blackimage source: trendspanarna

I love this modern industrial kitchen with its neutral palette and pops of turquoise. This vibrant turquoise & charcoal color palette really packs a punch and adds a dynamic feeling to any room or blog design. If you are drawn to this color scheme, you might like our Whitney design found in our premade blog theme shop.


Featured Design | Pink Door Designs

pink-door-designs-mood-boardWe were thrilled to have the opportunity to build a custom website design for Jamie of Pink Door Designs. Jamie was paired with a new comer to our team, Erika S. (not to be confused with our other fabulous Erika), because Erika’s design style meshed perfectly to that of Jamie’s. Here is Erika’s take on the project:

When I first received Jamie’s order, I was completely drawn to her site tagline, “Artful Interiors. ” I wanted to see what that meant, so I headed over to her website and starting looking around. The more I read about her and her love for interior design, the more I felt like I understood her vision. Jamie is so creative and she wanted her site to really showcase her work–but also show off her personality. Once I felt like I had a feel for Jamie’s personality, I headed over to the Pinterest board she compiled for her design. It was beautiful. Seriously, chalked full of pinks, golds, and blacks. Plus, fun patterns to boot. It was a no brainer– I knew I had to use bold colors and incorporate some pops of pattern into her design. Here’s a look at what we came up with:

pink-door-computerFor her logo, I wanted to keep it simple with just a few pops of patterns and colors. The brushed font is the perfect focal point for her site and I love how her tagline snuggles right up beneath it. From there, it was smooth sailing and everything fell right into place with the design. My favorite parts of the design are the dot pattern at the end of the navigation, and also the customized pictures on her about page and her press page. I was so excited to get it installed on her blog and to see what it would look like with her actual content. Here’s a look at how her full home page turned out:


I definitely feel like this design does what it is intended for. It showcases Jaime’s creativity and love for what she does!

Check out Jamie’s full design here.

Printable | Fall Bucket List


The official first day of Fall (Sept. 22) is less than a week away so we thought we’d create another bucket list printable for the Fall season to help you make the most of this beautiful time of year. You can either write your list directly on the printable, or have it printed at a photo lab and place it in a frame behind glass. You can write with a wet erase marker directly on the glass and wipe it off with a wet cloth when you’re ready to make a new list.

free bucket list printable

Click below to download:


The zip file contains both an 8×10 and 12×18 printable (I trimmed my 12×18 print slightly to fit into an 11×17 inch frame).

Happy Fall bucket listing!

From Board to Blog | Casual Elegance


Today’s Board to Blog is all about casual elegance!  Casual elegance in fashion mixes comfort with a bit of sophistication. The casual elegant board above blends casual elements like handwritten fonts, curves, and blues with the elegance of gold and blush. If you like this style, you might like our Jasmine template found in our $15 Blogger Template shop. Jasmine’s clean lines and handwritten font create a perfectly casually elegant design.


Mobile Responsive Coding

mobile responsive coding

It has been predicted that the number of mobile devices will exceed the number of people in the world by the end of 2014 and that 66% of mobile traffic will consist of smartphones by 2018. Those are some pretty crazy stats! With this increase in mobile device use, it becomes more and more important to have a mobile responsive site. Having a mobile responsive site creates a better user experience for mobile users and has been shown to increase traffic, decrease bounce rate (that means your readers are sticking around longer) and has been shown to increase page views.

mobile responsive design

We, of all companies, understand the importance of mobile responsive coding–however, to keep our blog designs reasonably priced, we do not include it as a standard feature with our designs. Mobile responsive coding can, however, be purchased as an add-on to any custom, premade or template design (look for “mobile-responsive coding” under the “coding” section in any of our shops).

Here are some visual examples of how adding mobile responsive coding to your site can make a huge difference.


It’s true that all Blogger designs (whether or not you have a design from us) come with Blogger’s default mobile coding (yay!)–however that coding does not allow many of your design elements to show (boo!). Rather than showing your beautiful header design, it may show only ugly default text. Our mobile coding codes the site to allow all design elements to show beautifully on mobile devices.



Without mobile responsive coding on WordPress designs, you see the full design as you would see it on a computer screen and then you have to zoom in and out to view and access the content. Mobile responsive coding neatly organizes all of the content nicely within the width of the mobile screen so all links and content can be accessed and viewed easily.


Here is a great tool for testing how your design looks on mobile screens.

Adding mobile responsive coding to your design may not be in your budget right now, but it’s something we highly recommend adding in the future to ensure your blog is a user friendly place for both computer and mobile users alike.

September Desktop Background


We’re a little late in posting our September desktop background, but here it is! We thought we’d throw a little gold/black bling your way this month. Click the link below to download it to your computer.


Remember this is for personal use only.