How to Make Money Blogging


Blogging is not a “get rich quick” kind of thing. Yes, there are bloggers out there who make a killing through their blog, but do you think it happened for them overnight? No! In order to become a successful blogger (or successful at anything for that matter) it takes patience, practice, hard work, dedication and a lot of trial and error.

Put First Things First

When it comes to making money through your blog, it all starts with content. Without amazing content, you won’t attract much traffic and without much traffic, you won’t be able to make much money. So first and foremost, before you start implementing any type of monetizing strategy, be sure your site is chuck full of great content. Once you’ve established a great content producing site and things are starting to take shape, THEN is the time to start adding a monetization strategy to the mix.

Create Multiple Streams of Income

When it comes to monetizing your blog, you don’t want to be putting all of your eggs in one basket. Having multiple streams of income is key to successful monetization and maximizing your earning potential. Listed below are four main ways to make money through your blog. Although only four ideas are listed, don’t be afraid to try out others you may encounter! Trial and error is key to finding what generates the best earning potential for you.

1) Ad Networks

Joining an ad network is by far the easiest way to start generating an income from your site. The more your blog traffic increases, the more you can make through ad networks. Watching your ad revenue grow as your blog traffic grows is a great motivator to continually produce amazing content. It’s a win-win situation all around. Three ad networks I highly recommend are:

Google Adsense

If you are a new blogger that hasn’t gained a huge following yet, Google Adsense is a great place to start. Google Adsense is open to anyone, regardless of monthly pageviews, and it’s free to sign up. After signing up, they will provide you with ad codes that you can easily place in HTML gadgets/widgets on your blog.


Once you’ve reached a minimum of 10,000 monthly pageviews, then you can sign up for the Propel program at Monumetric. Joining an ad network like Monumetric is great because they take care of adding all of the ads to your site for you. You’ll start generating an income the second the ads are placed on your site. With Propel, you also receive over 70 courses that will teach you how to increase your blog traffic. They also provide you with a custom reporting dashboard that details all of your stats and earnings. They have different programs that you can upgrade to as your traffic grows: Ascend (80K-500K monthly pageviews), Stratos (500K-10MM monthly pageviews), & Apollo (10MM+ monthly pageviews).


AdThrive is another amazing ad network but it requires a minimum of 100,000 monthly pageviews to join. Like Monumetric, they optimize and manage all of your ads, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. AdThrive is famous for producing amazing results. Within just a few days of having ads placed on your site, you’ll most likely see a 100-300% increase in income per pageview. They help you make the very most of each pageview so you can earn great money as you focus on creating great content for your blog.

2) Affiliate Links

Getting involved in affiliate programs is a great way to monetize your blog. You can find affiliate programs to join everywhere (even here at Designer Blogs). If there is a product or company within your niche that you use often and love, check into whether or not they have an affiliate program. Most likely they do! Once you are signed up as an affiliate, you will be given an affiliate link, which you can then use within the content of your site to promote products you recommend. When one of your readers clicks through your affiliate link and purchases that product, you earn a commission! The more you promote, the more you can earn. However, it’s important to remember that your readers should always come first. You should only promote things that you truly feel will benefit them and that you absolutely love or use yourself. Your readers will be able to tell whether you are promoting something just to make a buck or two, or because you really believe in and love the product. Some great affiliate programs are:


Bluehost has one of the best affiliate programs out there. You can earn a $65 commission each time someone signs up for web hosting through your affiliate link. Bluehost is constantly holding affiliate competitions where you can earn prizes or even an increased commission rate. The best way to promote Bluehost is by creating a tutorial on your blog (like ours here) that walks people through how to start a WordPress blog using Bluehost. Include your affiliate link throughout that post and then promote that post like crazy and you’ll start earning big bucks in no time.


Amazon sells EVERYTHING, so why not become an Amazon affiliate and start earning a 10% commission on products you promote? You can also add Amazon banners to your site to earn additional revenue.


VigLink automatically adds affiliate links to products mentioned in your content so you don’t have to. VigLink does all of the affiliate linking, so it’s an effortless way to earn additional revenue.

RewardStyle & ShopStyle

RewardStyle & ShopStyle are great affiliate programs for fashion bloggers who want an easy way for their readers to shop outfits from their posts. RewardStyle is an invitation only network and looks for bloggers who post regularly, have original content and have growing social media audiences.

3) Sponsored Posts & Ads

As your blog continues to grow, you’ll start getting contacted by brands that want you to blog about their products or that want to pay to advertise on your site. It’s a great idea to have a media kit {example here} on hand to send to brands when they reach out to you. If you’d like our help custom designing one for you, you can visit our blog accessories shop and purchase the “media kit” option. Media kits highlight your brand and should excite brands to work with you.
Good things to include in a media kit:

  • Bio & photo
  • Blog stats from Google Analytics
  • Social media stats
  • Sponsored post pricing and/or sidebar ad pricing
  • Brands you’ve worked with in the past
  • Photos that showcase your brand and style

Once you’ve sent a brand your media kit and they’ve selected the type of sponsored post they’d like you to do, then you can send them over an invoice (Paypal works great for this). Be enthusiastic and professional when responding to brands. It’s also a good idea to include an example of what a sponsored post by you might look like to get the brands you work with excited about the opportunity to work with you.

4) Sell Products & Services

Surely you are a talented individual with something that can be offered to the world. What do you have to offer that could be sold?
Here are a few ideas:

  • Create digital products (e.g. e-books, downloads, printables, e-courses, etc.)
  • Sell physical products that you can ship out in the mail (e.g. handmade items, posters, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Offer coaching & consulting services
  • Teach a class or create an online webinar
  • Speak at a conference
  • Sell stuff on Etsy
  • Host a conference or blogging event

Be creative and don’t be afraid to try new things. It’s easy to keep doing the same old things, but if you expand yourself beyond what you are comfortable with, you may find you have skills you never realized you had before. If there is something you’ve always wanted to learn, step out of your comfort zone and take a class to learn it. It may just end up being the missing piece to your blogging success.

In Conclusion

Building a profitable blog takes time and a lot of hard work, but don’t give up! It may take you a few years to start earning a steady income from your blog, but if you keep working at it, you’ll get there! Becoming a successful blogger isn’t going to magically happen over night. It’s an ongoing, day-by-day process of persistent work and dedication. Keep dreaming! Keep challenging yourself! Don’t be afraid of failure! I love this powerful message by J.K. Rolling about the benefits of failure. It’s through failure that you’ll eventually find your sweet spot. Be confident in who you are and what you have to offer the world. Value your time, knowledge and skills. With persistent effort you’ll soon see great results!

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Premade Blog Themes - Designer Blogs

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Free Monthly Blogger Template | August

free-monthly-blogger-templatesAugusts’s free Blogger template features a modern arrow header embellishment. When installed to your blog, you’ll be able to edit the title, tagline, and menu link titles. All of your existing sidebar gadgets will remain with this design. The title fonts and title font colors can be changed by you through the template editor. Everything else comes as shown in the preview. This design is NOT mobile responsive and is for Blogger only. For mobile responsive designs, please visit our $15 Blogger Template shop. Remember that by downloading this template you are agreeing to these terms. Enjoy!


NOTE: this template is available as a free download through August 31, 2016 only. After that, a $5 download fee applies.



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Free August Wallpaper

Free August Wallpaper

july wallpaper previewFree August Wallpaper

Enjoy this month’s wallpaper on all of your devices!

For personal use only.

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Join Our Affiliate Competition

join-our-affiliate-competitionDid you know that Designer Blogs has an affiliate program? Well, we sure do and there has never been a better time to join! From now through August 31st we’ll be running an affiliate competition and we want you to be a part of it! Not only will you receive a commission on sales you generate through your affiliate link, but you can also earn a commission increase and/or cash prizes for being one of our top affiliates!


  • You must be an affiliate and abide by our affiliate terms to participate. If you’re not already an affiliate, you can sign up here.
  • Contest runs July 21st through August 31st until midnight.
  • Winners will be notified via the email address provided at sign up sometime during the first week in September.



  • One (1) First Place winner with the most template sales will receive $50 in cash (paid via Paypal) AND will get their commission rate bumped up 5% on all future sales.
  • One (1) Second Place winner will receive $25 in cash (paid via Paypal).
  • One (1) Third Place winner will receive $10 in cash (paid via Paypal).


Tips to being a successful affiliate:

  • Promote our $15 Blogger templates like you would your own products.
  • Place our banner ads on your site (found in the “Ads” tab in the affiliate account center).
  • Promote our templates more than once in newsletters, on your blog, and on social media using your affiliate link.
  • Write a review about your Designer Blogs experience and/or our services and include your affiliate link.
  • Create a resource page and add your Designer Blogs affiliate link to it.

We look forward to a fun-filled competition and hope you’ll take advantage of this fabulous opportunity to become an affiliate!


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2016 Survey Results

reader-survey-resultsThe results of our 2016 reader survey are in! Thank you to all those who participated this year. We were floored by the response we received with nearly three times more submissions than last year! We appreciate those of you who took a few minutes of your time to fill out the survey. This years survey has given us such a great snapshot of who you, our clients and readers are, what you like, and what you’d like to see more of. Thank you, thank you for your overly kind comments and your suggestions for improvement. We have taken everything you’ve said to heart and intend to use your comments and suggestions to better our site, our designs, and to bring you more of what you love most.

Here’s a look at the results:









3“The clean and stylish design.”

“I love your website design, it is very memorable. Also, your freebies are amazing.”

“I love the wide variety of content. It’s diverse, but it’s also very consistent with the brand! The tutorials and inspiration I find here is fantastic!”

“Beautiful designs that are perfectly in trend.”

“I really like the clean designs you create and the straightforward no-fluff way you write up your tip posts.”

“Tips given.”

“Great designs!”

“I love the different styles shared and certainly the tips on how to attract more views to my blog and creating a blog that people enjoy seeing!”

“Seeing the creativity involved in this site (whether I personally agree with/like each idea or design is its own question), and the free printables/templates are nice, as well.”

“I like seeing your new designs and dreaming about what they’d look like on my blog!”

“Anything that helps me get found easier on the web. Tips and tricks.”

“I enjoy the blogging tips and how to stay organized, the trendy typography and the very useful printables!”

“The free printable planner is amazing. But all the tips and tutorials help a lot maintaining a clean, cute and organize blog.”

“The amazing designed templates and the friendly customer service.”

“The Blog Planner.”

“The clean high class look of your blog and website. Looks like you really care about your site and content.”


“It’s a great idea-starter read for me.”

“Everything….seriously :)”

“Your designs are amazing!! Please add some more soon! Your blog planner kit is absolutely amazing!”

“The easy access to freebies.”

“I enjoy reading the client reviews.”

“I like your style very much. I think your explanations of things are clear and relevant.”

“Seeing your new designs. Reading info that helps me know more about blog design in case I do begin one.”

“The blogging tips and beautiful blog templates.”

“How pretty everything is 🙂 Also how simple and straight-forward the tutorials are.”

“The articles and tips are really great, super easy to read.”

“Clean and clear tips.”

“Variety of information available.”

“The people behind always seems so kind. I know it sounds weird, but it means a lot for me that when I buy a template I know who the people “behind the screen” are. Also, I love all your templates!”

“The designs and planners.”

“Beautiful design and inspiration.”

“I like to see the current design trends and colors. I like to read the tutorials because they are different topics than some others I follow. Since I am new to blogging without a budget it is my “go to” place to learn DIY improvements for my website.”

“Your designs are always beautiful!”

“I’ve been a longtime Designer Blogs fan. I think my favorite thing are the free desktop calendars! I always get compliments on them when co-workers walk past my desk. Thanks, Designer Blogs!”

“Constant access to updating information and designs.”

“I love the printable on how to plan my own blog posts. I used that a lot and I kind of realized that it works on other fields too; not just blogging but also my day to day routine.”

“I love the tips, tutorials, blog planner and the free templates that you offer, they are simple in the way you explain.”

“Blogging design tips and tutorials.”


“Useful tips & monthly desktop wallpapers.”

“The design.”

“Designs are simply beautiful. Tips, tutorials, and topics are the ones I learn and relate to the most.”

“Amazing information.”

“I really enjoy the writing style and voice, I have learned a lot from reading your blog posts.”

“Everything is always fantastic! I’ve purchased 2 designs and it’s always been a fabulous experience. Plus your website makes me want to jump into those pictures with all the gold accessories!! xoxo”

“Your blog designs are fresh and modern. I love the colours you use!”

“Gaining knew knowledge about how to be a better blogger.”

“As someone new to blogging I really like all the tips you give, especially the ones about WordPress. I also really like the free blog planner, it has been very helpful this year.”

“The plethora of blogging information.”

“I think one of the things I enjoy the most is learning from your webpage, and besides that, it is beautiful to look at! Very well done!”

“You are there and I can read your information at my convenience.”

“I’m new to blogging and you have helped me a great deal with setting up my new blog.”

“The Blogging tips are my favorite, but also looking through the designs.”


“So much inspiration!”

“I love the calendar desktops and great prices! I love that you added WP quick designs–totally interested in one!”

“I love the blogging tips . Every month I am looking forward to the desktop backgrounds and using them on all of my devices.”

“The support offered to the different levels of blogging skills and the materials provided for set up and operation.”

“Very well presented, topical & relevant easy to follow content.”


“Beautiful clean clutter free site with great tips.”

“Even though I own a blog, I did it mostly free style. With Designer Blogs, I get more tips and how to make my blog better. Plus, free stuffs are always nice.”

“Such a wonderful range of templates. Love the tips & tutorials.”

“Free tips and tutorials for WordPress.”

“The way you explain things.”

“Very informative, helpful and easy to understand.”

“The wealth of information and resources you share and helpful tips.”

“The designs are simple yet so elegantly modern.”

“The design of the site and the ease of navigation. The great information.”

“I am just starting my blog and found your sight for the first time a few weeks ago. It has been a great resource and I will be sure to mention your resources once I get my blog up and running!!”

“You ladies are very customer service oriented and always try to stay on top of the latest trends and designs.”

“I appreciate your tutorials on using Blogger. You have been very helpful and I do refer others to you, especially people just starting a blog who can’t design their own templates.”

“Clean and classic design.”

“Simple and clear contents – easy for me to follow as I am not an English native speaker. :)”

“I am in love with your blog! The blog planner is my favorite!”

“Seeing all the fun stuff you come up with!”


“I would love to see some squarespace templates!”

“I would love to see a simple phone call cost less.”

“Just keep up what you’re doing.”

“More color!”

“Monthly retainers for help and support.”

“Though this may not fit with your blog’s purpose, I’d like to see some less ‘girly-looking’ designs/artwork/blogs featured at times, as my visual tastes (B.S. in Art education) tend toward the leaner, ‘cleaner’ (fewer curly cues, but not totally straight-line, either; think “elegant’ but not ‘fancy’…). Thank you, regardless of whatever degree to which we agree!”

“Not sure if you offer this already, but it would be awesome if you could offer beginning to end service like blog url redirect through installation of new template (especially for us rebranders out there!)”

“I am a new blogger. I’m trying to develop my blog to make it into something I will love. Your blog is beautiful and informative and in my personal opinion there is nothing you need to improve on. Keep doing a great job!!”

“Update the pictures to the blog accessories.”

“Nothing that I can think of. You’ve done a number of different designs for me. All of them I’ve loved. You all do such an exceptional job. Great customer service. Talented designers. (Kate is awesome!) Your newsletters are chock full of great advise. Keep up the good work! And….THANK YOU :)”

“I would love to see 3-column designs.”

“A price cut for regular buyers in the form of sales and coupon codes would be great! I really wish that the free templates remained free forever. :)”

“I love it how it is right now. Keep up the good work!”

“I feel like so many of the designs look too similar to one another. I would love to see a wider variety of designs. Different layouts, not just your standard two column, header on top, circle about image, etc. with the same trendy design elements.”

“Offer lots of color choices for people who want to use your designs.”

“I find that a lot of the articles are more directed towards Blogger, I am a WordPress user so a fair bit of the content is not for me.”

“This one is hard! I actually don’t even know, you guys do a great job!”

“You guys are awesome, hope you could make templates more colorful (I like pink) and backgrounds too :D”

“I think it is great like it is now. Very user friendly for a non techie user.”

“The only reason I have not used one of your templates is because I went with You could offer a “blogger spotlight “on upcoming blogger that have purchased your templates or use your tools.”

“Keep up the great work!”

“The only thing I don´t like is the templates headers and picture profile, I prefer more simple design headers and square profile pictures over round ones.”

“More designs.”

“The only thing that annoy me a little bit it’s the fixed menu that it’s big for me. But all the rest is perfect!”

“Nothing I like the way it is :)”

“Keep up the fabulous job! Thank you so much!”

“I think you’re doing great with everything but one problem I’ve had is that I would love to buy a theme but I’m not sure if/which of your accessories I would want or need. There are so many options which is great but can also be very confusing for someone who hasn’t been blogging very long and isn’t the most tech savvy person. If there was some kind of bundle for your accessories like a starter kit or an accessories sampler that could introduce new bloggers to what you had to offer that would be really helpful.”

“Only complaint is that your blog planner isn’t editable. I’d love to resize it.”

“Right now I am at a blank to even answer this one, and also I have not personally worked with your company yet, but up until now, I think your page is beautiful to look at, and the freebies area always fun to put into use! Thank you and God bless!”

“If you provided more options on your pre-made blogs, i.e., to change the colors or fonts other than one of three or four choices, I would definitely have purchased a few blogs. I do think the blogs offered are nice, but I think the limitations have prevented me from purchasing.”

“U r utmost the best at your work just add in more templates for us to download😘”

“Sometimes I find the layout of your blog on my mobile a bit difficult to read.”

“I did use the search engine for the first time last night (entered Part 2 looking for the Goggle Analytics Part 2 article) & couldn’t seem to click on & bring up the article that I wanted separately from the other searches. I could still see the entire article but couldn’t generate it’s stand alone page – could possibly be my brain working late at night however! I think you’re doing pretty darn well all over actually! Thanks!”

“You are pretty awesome as you are. It seems churlish to ask for more freebies, but I’d like to see one Blogger and one WordPress theme for free to try it out.”

“I would like to see more WordPress themes, maybe a couple free WordPress themes would be nice.”

“More customizable WordPress designs, would love to see more tips and tutorials for WordPress.”


“As I said, I am a new visitor, but so far it is great and I really don’t have any suggestions regarding the site. I did download the planner pdfs and they are awesome! But, some of them are not completely fillable, which would be a really nice feature for those who like to type and print out rather than hand-write : )”

“I do feel that your templates are rather feminine. I am a woman but most of my readers are male and I feel like I need bolder design than what you offer. But that doesn’t mean my next blog won’t be perfect for you. I am a professional blogger working for one of the largest media companies in the US, and launch a new blog or two each year. Sometimes the graphics aren’t clear whether they are clickable or not (i.e. linked from the email newsletter to a web page).”

“We always have to improve, but at the moment everything is wonderful! P.S. I do not know if there are many readers of Brazil, but I am one of them. Kisses and success!”

“You all do a great job. Wish I had your knowledge. I’ve loved everything you’ve done for me.”

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