Office Area Printables

I have been working on adding a little life and color to my very drab office space and decided to accessorize my new shelves (from Ikea) with a collection of coordinating prints.

I decided on a color scheme I wanted to use and then created the prints based on that color palette. Here are the colors I chose:


Then I found random objects and accessories from around my home to add to the shelves to make them interesting and fun.


My husband always asks me whenever I decorate something what the meaning of it is.  My answer is always “there is no meaning…it’s just suppose to look good!” Wouldn’t you agree ladies that it’s all about the look?  Men never seem to get it…sheesh!

Even though there really is no meaning to any of these printables, when combined together, even my hubby admits they create a very colorful and interesting office space.


I thought I’d share my collection of office area printables with you today. Each print comes in the size indicated below:

Office Area PrintablesYELLOW & 5X7   |  FOREVER 5X7  |  EYE CHART 8X11  |  ASSORTED HEARTS 8X11

No. 9 5×7  |  UTAH 4X6  |  ABC 4X6 HEART 5X7



Free Spring Printable

Spring is finally here! I’m not sure how it looks in your part of the world but here in Poland everything is green and full of colors. In that case I would like to give you something simple and funny. Todays free spring printable is available in two sizes: large – 19,5×27,5 inches and small – 4×6 inches. I hope you like and maybe you will use it to add some fresh spring looks to your home.

Free Spring Printable

You can download all versions for free HERE. Remember that they are for personal use only!

Free Spring Printable

Tutorial: Adding a Custom Favicon with a Plugin

Hey everyone!  Today, I’m going to tell you how to use a simple plug-in that can customize your blog in a big way.  I’m talking about the All in One Favicon plug-in for WordPress.

So first off, what is a favicon anyway?  A favicon is that tiny icon that shows up in the web browser tab that lets you know what page you are currently viewing.  It’s a great way to brand your website/blog using a logo or symbol.


Favicons are generally created from a 16px by 16px .png or .ico image.  I have created a few cute favicons (saved as .png files) for you to try out at home so you can follow along with this tutorial. Here are the favicon’s included in the file:

faviconYou can download them HERE.  Or, feel free to create your own!

First, we need to install the All in One Favicon plugin.  Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on “Plugins” and then “Add New.”


Search for “All in One Favicon” by Arne Franken and click on “Install Now” under the name.  It will ask you if you are sure and just click OK.  Then, activate the plugin on the next screen.



Now you will see the All in One Favicon plugin under your “Installed Plugins.”

To upload your custom favicon so it will be present on your website/blog, click on “Settings” underneath the “All in One Favicon” title.

img6You will see the following screen.  Click “upload” by the “PNG frontend” option.  We are using a .png for this exercise, but this plugin also supports .ico, .gif, and Apple Touch icons as well.


Find your favicon file you saved to your computer.  After it uploads, be sure to push “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen.

img14And that’s it, folks!  See how easy that was?  Head on over to your website and see how your new favicon looks!



Summer Bucket List Printable

The temperatures are rising and summer is almost here! If you have school-aged children, you may be wondering how you’re going to fill those long summer days once the final bell rings. Or maybe you want to check off some sites you’ve been meaning to visit around town.

This free summer bucket list printable can help you make the most of your summer days.


You can either write your list directly on the printable, or have it printed at a photo lab and place it in a frame behind glass. You can write with a permanent or wet erase marker directly on the glass and wipe it off with a wet cloth when you’re ready to make a new list.


Click HERE to download.

The zip file contains both an 8×10 and 12×18 printable. (I trimmed my 12×18 print slightly to fit into an 11×17 inch frame.)

Happy summer bucket listing!


Sound Off!

knowHere at Designer Blogs we LOVE our clients!  We continually say that we have some of the best ones out there.  We love seeing how you use your blogs to communicate your hobbies, grow your businesses, show off your cute kiddos and inspire those around you.

We are always doing our best around here to make it easy for you to show your blog’s content in the best light possible and to give you fresh, fun designs that reflect your personal taste.

Today, we want to hear from you – our beloved clients and readers.  Why do you blog?  What are you looking for in a really great blog design?  What can you absolutely not live without in a blog design?  And really, what about this whole blogging experience just curls your toes with excitement.

We love input from our friends around the blogosphere and love any thoughts on what we can to do make your experience better and your blogs and websites top notch.

So now’s your chance!  We’re excited to hear from YOU!  Drop us a comment and let’s discuss.

March, April & May Giveaway Winners

Giveaway Winners
We have  really dropped the ball with our giveaways over the past few months (we are so sorry!), so we are announcing three winners today to make up for our failure to post them the last three months. Our winners this month for a free WordPress or Blogger template of their choice are:

Bridgett Wynn

Allegra Shortill

Jennifer Zapatka Wright

Congratulations ladies! Please contact us at by the end of May to claim your prize!

Remember you are automatically entered to win our monthly giveaways by following us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Pinterest.

The more of our social media sites you follow, the more chances you have to win!

Free May Desktop Backgrounds


May is absolutely one of my favorite months of the year. The weather starts to get warmer after months of spring showers and all the lovely spring flowers start to bloom. Of course, when spring rolls around, it also means spring cleaning! Here are two free May desktop backgrounds to spruce up your desktop. Hopefully these desktop backgrounds add a little spring loveliness to your desktop this month.

Click here to download.

The zip file contains two 1280×800 png files for your desktop. Please remember that the backgrounds are for personal use only!


Free Easter Postcards

Since it’s almost Easter, I thought I would share with you several free Easter postcards that are print ready. They come in the standard postcard size (4×6 inches) and are available in three color options – blue, violet and full color.




You can download all versions for free HERE. Remember that they are for personal use only!

Free Easter Postcards

Color Love | Peach and Aqua


Image source: The Bride’s Cafe

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. I love incorporating shades of peach during warmer days. Teamed with aqua, this combination makes a wonderfully sweet and romantic spring to summer palette. It can also be taken through to Autumn, muted with shades of gray and gold. The tones can be used in a vintage fashion or with a modern flare.

Check out these beautiful peach and aqua Blogger templates created by our team of talented designers.




These designs can be purchased in our Blogger Templates shop.


Free Easter & Spring Blog Backgrounds

Freshen up your blog with our free Easter & Spring blog backgrounds. Click on each image for installation instructions. These are for Blogger blogs only. Enjoy!