Using Fancy Calligraphy Fonts

Calligraphy fonts are so popular right now aren’t they?  I love that there are so many options for fancy, swirly fonts out there.  I want to take a minute today to show you how to make sure that you have access to all of the fun swirls and twirls that come with your new font.

What You Will Need For This Tutorial:

- A sweet new font (generally these are always marked as an OTF – or Open Type Face font).  I am using Belluccia Pro for this tutorial.

- Adobe Illustrator

Here’s What You’ll Do

- Open a new document in Illustrator and use the text tool to write out your wording.


Go To Your Illustrator menu at the top of your screen and select TYPE and the scroll down and select GLYPHS.


This will open up your Glyphs panel.


You will then go back to your document and use your text cursor to highlight the letter that you would like to swap out.  I’ve chose the letter B here.

pic4When you highlight the letter, that letter becomes highlighted in the Glyphs panel.


If you click on the letter in the glyphs panel, all the letter options for the letter you have chosen pop up.  Click the one you want and Illustrator will swap it out for you.  Here I have changed the letter B and the final letter e.


The other great thing about the Glyphs panel is that you can scroll through the glyphs panel to see every character that is available within a particular font and can sometimes find some hidden nuggets that are a bonus to that font.

pic7Once you are satisfied with the way your document looks you can save it OR if you are more comfortable using Photoshop or have additional editing to do there, you can copy the text and then paste it directly into a document in Photoshop and continue editing from there.

Using fancy calligraphy fonts has never been more fun!


Free February Desktop Backgrounds

Free February Desktop Backgrounds

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly the holiday for hearts. Lots and lots of lovely hearts. I adore this holiday because I get to surround myself in hearts and pink decorations. It’s the best girly holiday.

To help share the love of Valentine’s Day, here are three free February desktop backgrounds to keep your desktop pretty for February.

Click here to download.

The zip file contains three 1280×800 png files for your desktop. Please remember that the desktop backgrounds are for personal use only!


Valentine’s Bag Toppers

In preparation for my son’s Valentine’s class party on Friday, we have been spending the day creating his class treats and a fancy Valentine’s box for him to take to school on Valentine’s Day.  For his class treat this year I decided to create some fun Valentine’s bag toppers and thought I’d share the printable with you in case you need a last minute class treat idea.


To create them you will need:

  • the printable linked below printed on bright white card stock paper (I recommend having them professionally printed)
  • scissors
  • stapler & staples
  • assorted Valentine’s candies
  • 4″ wide x 6.25″ tall plastic baggies (I purchased mine at Zurchers)–however, I ended up cutting about 1.25 inches off the tops of each one making the final bag size before filling it around 4″x 5″

1Aren’t they fun? I just filled them with random Valentine’s candy found at the grocery store.


The back of the printable has a place for your child to sign his/her name.


Click on the image or link below to download your copy.

Valentine's-Bag-Topper-Printable[CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF]

You can view another fun class treat idea that we shared last year here.



February Giveaway Winner

Giveaway Winners
Our winner this month of a WordPress or Blogger template of their choice is:

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Free Valentine’s Day Printable

Only few days left for Valentine’s Day. Have you prepared everything for it? If not, I would like to share with you free valentine’s day printable.

Free Valentine's Day Printable
Click here to download the Free Valentine’s Day Printable in 8×10.


Color Love | Black, White & Pink


Image source:  Forever Love

Nothing says timeless like black and white. Though it sounds simple, the minimalistic color palette communicates class and sophistication unlike any other, and on the web, the striking combination allows your content to really shine. It’s no wonder power brands like Kate Spade, Pottery Barn, and J. Crew so often enlist the high-contrast duo to make a splash in their designs. While gorgeous on its own an accent of pink brings a European and feminine flare to the color scheme.

Check out these beautiful black, white & pink semi-custom Blogger designs created by our team of talented designers.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 4.30.56 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 4.31.13 PM

These designs can be purchased in our Blogger Themes shop.


FREE Valentine’s Day Fonts

Valentine’s day is fast approaching so I thought I’d share some free Valentine’s Day fonts from around the web that are  perfect for various Valentine’s Day projects. Below the image are links to where each font can be found.

valentine's day fonts

Love Letters
Fiolex Girls
Soul Handwriting
Rosewood STD
Forget Me Not
MC Sweetie Hearts
Loveness Two
I Love What You Do
True Stories
Vanessa’s Valentine
MTF Heart Doodles


How to Add a Navigation Menu to Genesis WordPress Template

This tutorial demonstrates how to setup a navigation menu for templates that use the Genesis Framework. Please note that the screenshots may vary from your own site depending on what version of Genesis and WordPress you have installed. In addition to the steps outlined in this tutorial, older versions of Genesis may require that you enable the Primary menu under Dashboard > Genesis > Theme Settings.

By default, Genesis Framework templates have two navigation menus called Primary and Secondary. Depending on how your template is setup, the primary menu may appear above or below the header image.

To add a menu, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus.


Fill in the Menu Name as Primary and click Save Menu.

Once you save the menu, new options will appear. Check the box for Primary Navigation Menu and click Save Menu.

menuprimary_1Now you can add custom links to your navigation menu. On the left column, there are options for adding existing pages, external links, and blog categories. You will see a list of the pages and categories that exist on your blog. There is a View All link that you may need to select if you do not see all of your pages and categories. If you need to add a link to a specific blog post, you can use the Links option.

pagesmenuOnce you click Add to Menu for the links of your choice, you will see boxes appear in the right column. Click Save Menu.

primarymenu_2Sometimes you will find that you need to change the text that appears on the menu. For example, if you have a page title that is too long for the menu space, you may need to shorten the title. To do this, just click on the down arrow that appears on the right of the box. Change the text that appears under Navigation Label and click Save Menu.


The example above would result in a basic menu with horizontal links.


To create a Drop-Down Menu, you can click on the boxes and drag them about 1/2 inch to the right. You will see a dotted outline as you drag the box. Remember to click Save Menu. Notice that any links that will appear as drop-down links are labeled as sub items.

dropdown_1The example above would result in a basic menu with three horizontal links and one drop-down menu link underneath the About Me link.


Designer Blogs offers an add-on option to stylize your menu with different fonts, link colors, background colors, and images. To learn more about this service, please visitor our Blog Accessories page.


Free Printable | Italian Soda Bar

Italian sodas are very simple to make at home. Not to mention, they are delicious.

I love to add festive details to simple occasions. When it was my month to host book club last year, I set up an Italian Soda Bar for my guests to enjoy.

I’ve had so many requests for the Italian Soda Bar printable that I’m sharing it with you today. The pink and red design would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day party, but it would also work for any occasion where you want to serve a fancy drink that people of all ages would enjoy.






Click here to download the Free Italian Soda Bar Printable in 8×10.


December & January Giveaway Winners!

Giveaway Winners
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