Make My Heart Happy Typefaces

Call me crazy, but something that always brings a smile to my face is stumbling across a gorgeous typeface. There’s something truly magical about a good font. These days it’s super easy to build a collection of stunning fonts without breaking the bank. Here’s a look at some of my current favs. Best yet, they are all affordably priced at less than $20 each. Enjoy the eye candy.

Sans Serif

Brixton Font
Visby Font
Manifold Font

Brixton | Manifold | Visby | Articulat



Starstruck | Pleasures | Shania | Steelheart


Naive Font
Paris Serif
Lettre Font
The Serif Hand

Naive Inline | Lettre | Paris Serif | The Serif Hand

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Posted by: Erin


  1. We shared the same hobby. Playing with different fonts and making something productive from it really completes my day too. I just love graphic design and choosing the right font to use for it is my most favorite. Thanks for sharing yours and making it an inspiration to us.

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