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Summertime is almost here and there’s nothing better than sitting outside under the warm sun, sipping on a delicious glass of fresh squeezed lemonade. Add in a few fruit flavored ice cubes and you’ve got the best summertime drink out there.

Take it one step further and create a lemonade bar for your next party or event with our free lemonade bar printable! Blend up some fruit and freeze it in ice cube trays and your guests will rave about the fun drink mix-ins.




Making simple fruit cubes is really, well, simple!

Here is the recipe:

Lemonade with Fruit Ice Cubes


1 cup water
½ cup sugar
2 cups raspberries (can substitute 2 cups strawberries, 2 cups mango, or 2 cups peaches)
waxed paper
ice cube trays
bottles of lemonade (amount will vary depending on how many people you are serving)

We like to use Simply Lemonade because it tastes closest to fresh. But any type of lemonade will do the trick. Canned, bottled, or fresh-squeezed – you decide!


1. To make the raspberry ice cubes, add one cup of water and half cup of sugar to a small saucepan and bring to a boil.
2. Once boiling, add the raspberries and let cook for about five minutes.
3. Remove from heat and use a potato masher or fork to gently mash the raspberries. You want some of them to stay mostly intact and others to let out their delicious red juices.
4. Let cool for about 20 minutes and then pour the raspberries and syrup juice into ice cube trays.
5. Allow four to six hours for complete freezing. Makes 30 to 36 ice cubes.
6. Use a spoon to carefully remove the frozen fruit from trays so the cubes keep their shape. Store between sheets of waxed paper.
7. Make sure to wait until you are ready to serve the beverages to remove the fruit cubes from the freezer. If they are left out too long, they will turn into fruit puddles.

Repeat these directions with any fruit of your choosing. Then let the mixing begin!

lemonadebarprintableThe lemonade and fruit flavors are such a delectable combination. My personal favorite is mixing in strawberry and peach cubes. You may have to adjust the number of cubes depending on how much lemonade is in your glass. Just add and stir to your liking. You can’t go wrong!

We’ve created some free printables for you with all of the labels you’ll need for your event. Simply print, cut, attach and you’re done! Included are labels for lemonade, four different types of fruit cubes, and lemonade bar instructions. You can download everything you need right here:

For personal use only.

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