from happy clients


Carrie was super duper wonderful. She was so helpful and kind and patient with me while I discussed the design details with her. Would definitely come back to Designer Blogs for more!

Mona G.

I’ve had lots of twists and tweaks to 2 websites by other designers over the last “7” years!! and not a one of them was as enjoyable, and easy going as this one. Lindsey truly is a gem, and she is the one who made it so enjoyable, I usually hate dealing with people who fix website stuff – I always feel they are taking me for a ride, being as I know nothing about coding.
But this……this was 100% different. I’m kind of a perfectionist ( i know – a bad trait) but not one of my little silly qwerks did she complain about or even charge me more for ! I have paid soooo much for, for such much less…..it makes my head hurt. I wonder why no one has a business model that does this for the rest of the web entities? Everything about this transaction and job was superb and I have honestly never written a review in all 7 years. Lindsey I sure hope your boss or partner or whomever, reads this, because you deserve a raise ! A big one, I am not the dream client for this type of work and she was simply heaven.

We need more female website repairers!
THANK YOU LINDSEY FOR EVERYTHING (she is on vacation and still answered a question I had for her !! today!)


I worked with Designer Carrie, she was very attentive to my needs and made suggestions on items that I had inquiry of. I appreciated her service and her attention to the details that I was looking for when it came to my design layout. She was also creative in a format of linking some of my material. She made it a positive experience. I’m glad I used Designer Blogs their products helps facilitate my brand, love their service and their offerings. Thanks Carrie and the Designer Blog Team you all Rock!

Tiera W.

Emily was a pleasure to work with. She was easy and accommodating. She gave me exactly what I wanted – a simple, clean, welcoming site!

Emily B.

Easy and fast! Just follow the simple (and I mean simple…it doesn’t get any easier) instruction on how to install your template and five minutes later you have a blog that looks expensive but isn’t. I downloaded the Tatum template and I’m very happy with it! Thanks.

Sylvia H.

I absolutely loved that I came to Designer Blogs! I was looking for quality designs for my new Blog and I received just that. Everything was so simple and they set it up no problem. I will definitely refer people to Designer Blogs for any design needs. Kate my designer was so great and answered all my questions. 5 STARS!

Megan M.

The hardest part of the process was deciding on a theme, from the fantastic templates Designer Blogs is offering. Once I made up my mind it took less than 5 minutes from purchasing to the finished installation. Super easy and convenient.

Stef V.

Overall my experience was great! Super simple to upload and looks great. So excited for the new look to my blog.

Jennifer S.

Kate was extremely prompt and efficient with her emails. She was attentive and she asked alot of questions to determine the design. She captured the design so well and it really reflected my style. She completed my design in a day which has never happened to me before and she got it right in the first try.
I wish I had discovered Designer Blogs earlier so that I would not have wasted my time with others who weren’t able to give me what I wanted. I would definitely return to Designer Blogs and Kate for future blog related work.

Reena R.

Thank you Lindsey!!! I love my new blog design! Thanks for making this transition smooth and answering all my million questions. You were great to work with and I am very pleased with the outcome! I would highly recommend Designer Blogs!

Sherrie K.

Anna has done an amazing work; she is very professional and efficient! I am happy with result and I will definitely use DesignerBlogs.com again!

Kay H.

I absolutely loved that I came to Designer Blogs! I was looking for quality designs for my new Blog and I received just that. Everything was so simple and they set it up no problem. I will definitely refer people to Designer Blogs for any design needs. Kate my designer was so great and answered all my questions. 5 STARS!

Megan M.

Designer Blogs was super easy to use and very affordable! Carrie was an awesome designer, very sweet and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Designer Blogs!!!

Nichole C.

Wanted to give a huge thanks to Kristin for making the nav bar so easy to understand and answering my million questions I seemed to come up with while having her help me! It was beautiful and designed perfectly to match my already perfect blogger template from designer blogs! I could not be any happier with everything offered here and all the EASY help! Thank you guys so much!!!

Kylie B.

Wow! I am incredibly impressed!!!! I saw another fabulous design on a friend’s blog and decided to try out Designer Blogs. I picked a design and within a week it was fully installed on my blog! They allowed me to have some design input but overall it took about a total of 15 minutes of my time (including filling out the original information) and then… I had an AWESOME blog! I am thrilled! I may just use them to change my blog design with the seasons – it was THAT simple! Thank you for making this so painless, fun, and stylish!

Courtney L.

Absolutely love my new blog design!

Heather J.

Designer Blogs offers a ton of clean and sophisticated blogger templates. The download process was simple to navigate and install.

Jane S.

I love my new blog design, Lindsey was great with communicating with me and letting me know what she was up to with the page, I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Amy M.

I wish I had gone with Designer Blogs a long time ago! The process was quick, pleasant and affordable. I love my new design and can’t wait to get my blog back up and running!
Thanks Designer Blogs for you great templates and great employees!

Tina V.

Great, fast experience. Everything went fine!

Jennifer M.

I had a blog done before, and was not satisfied. Not only with the design, but with the support I received after the design was complete. Designer Blogs, in contrast, was the experience I had hoped for. Erin was SO patient with me. I’m really tech-challenged, and she answered all my questions thoroughly and really walked me through the steps I needed to take. I love how clean the design is. It functions exactly as I need it to. They made it incredibly easy for me to have the site I had envisioned and more.

Tina D.

I’m so glad I chose Designer Blogs both for my layout and my social media buttons. They are so great to work with, and they get everything done perfectly and in a timely manner. Can’t wait to work with them again!

Marshall M.

I love my new blog design! I will always recommend designerblogs.com to friends and co-workers who are looking for beautiful and unique layouts for their own websites and blogs.

Rochelle J.

I took a pre-made design which I loved and it was easier than I could have imagined to install. Designer Blogs ladies make everything so simple for us non-design bloggers. Any questions I had were answered super quickly. Lindsey helped me with my add ons so quickly and I am so happy with the final outcome.

Miriam F.

I was hesitant about paying for a blog design, but as soon as I saw Lindsey’s work, I knew it would be worth it! The process was easy and quick, and I felt like I had input the whole time. The final result was better than I expected and I’ve loved the little customizations that I’m able to do. I would definitely buy another design from Designer Blogs, but I have to enjoy my new one for a while longer first! This was a great experience and I would highly recommend Designer Blogs.

Zoe B.

I couldn’t have asked for a better team to have worked with on the design of my new blog! They were creative, professional, fast, and efficient. I would highly recommend their services to anyone interested in creating a blog or giving their current blog a new design.

Christi H.

I am absolutely thrilled with the design of my blog. I am new to blogging and thought some of my questions may have been a bit silly but Kristin was so helpful and an absolute delight to deal with. I have two more blog sites to be designed in the coming weeks and will definately be engaging Designer Blogs again.

Sandy R.

Emily was just amazing! She answered every question I had (usually within a just few minutes) and always checked with me to see if I approved of features as she added them to my blog. This experience has been totally painless and I would recommend Designer Blogs to all my blogging friends!

Tanya A.

I LOVE my new design. It came out so great. My designer was very quick to respond to every question and request I had. She did an amazing job!!!

Jaren D.

Gorgeous, Affordable and Easy!

Ashley M.

My experience with Designer Blogs was excellent. I was able to communicate my desires and I felt that I received ample options (sometimes it was hard to choose!) and had the opportunity to tweak and change aspects that didn’t fit my overall vision. It was great to work with a personal designer and I appreciated the one-on-one care that I received. I felt like I was emailing with a good friend who helped me achieve a professional design on my blog that I would not have been able to do on my own.

Emily H.

I LOVED working with Kristin, she is just a great designer! The design of my blog is so me, she captivated my style as if shes known me forever. I would totally recommend Designer Blogs to anyone that has a blog or website. I can’t wait to work with you gals in the future!

Jade M.

Kristin was awesome! Great design and great service! I would definitely work with her again.

Anna G.

I am absolutely in love with my blog design! Lindsey messaged me as soon as I placed my order, and answered all of my questions quickly. My blog was finished in about four days! Which was fantastic because I could not wait to start blogging. There are tons of design options out there, but this one is by far the most affordable, professional, and esthetically pleasing out there. Before coming to designer blogs, I tried working with various graphic designers, to this day some have yet to message me back! And were charging $250+. Needless to say the Designer Blog experience was a breathe of fresh air! Check out my Blog Rose&The City to see an example of Lindsey beautiful design work!

Angelica T.

My theme was designed by Lindsey and installed by Monica. There were absolutely no issues in the process and nothing I needed changed. The process was entirely seamless and looks fabulous. I highly recommend Designer Blogs and I will be back for add-ons in the future. Thank you for such crisp, beautiful designs and an amazing and professional experience!

Bethany L.

The worst part about designerblogs, NOTHING! Other than wanting ALL OF THE LAYOUTS! So easy, decent pricing, and AMAZING WORK! So thankful I found this easy, helpful and beautiful website full of fun stuff!!!!

Kylie B.

Fast work, and even adjusted some fonts to make my header look better! Thank you!

Eva H.

I had a very pleasant experience with designer blogs. My template was done and installed within two days of my order and everything met my expectations. The designer I worked with was attentive and very sweet!

Kylie S.

I am extremely pleased with another blog design by Designer Blogs. Amanda was my designer and she was wonderful. It was so nice to work with a designer who listens to what I’m looking for and puts it all together. I can’t express enough how wonderful she was to work with. I would highly recommend working with her and Designer Blogs.

Christin B.

My blog used to be ugly. It’s not anymore. Thank you Designer Blogs and especially Kate for making my blog beautiful!

Danielle C.

Designer Blogs revamped my website and it looks phenomenal! Their designers are responsive, talented and extremely accommodating. Thanks so much for my blog makeover!

Jayme S.

Dear Designer Blogs. I LOVE you guys. Seriously, I’ve had some rough experiences this past year with getting my site set up the way I want it, so I’ve grown a bit skeptical in the process…until I found you guys. My new design is EXACTLY what I wanted and your designer, Monica, NAILED it for me. I’d send back a few revisions and suggestions and she interpreted me perfectly. She was a delight to work with and FAST. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my design and people that are already wanting to know how to find you. Thanks again…I’ll be back again for sure when I decide to change things up. So worth the money!

Abbey D.

This site is amazing! I had a whole new look and feel for my blog within 20 minutes. I love how it looks professional now. I am now proud of my blog and feel really grateful for the talent of people who know HTML so I don’t have to! :)

Catherine B.

Beautiful designs and pleasant to work with. I could easily choose Designer blogs again! :)

Jessica R.

It was so exciting to see my design come together so fast, and I could not believe how much the initial design reflected the vision I had for my blog. I’m very picky too! I loved working with Kate. She was very professional & communicated with me about every detail in a timely manner. Very pleased.

Rebecca B.

Lindsey was a DREAM to work with. Great layout and style, very prompt, and let me know exactly what to expect and when. Would LOVE to work with her again.

Sarah S.

This is amazing…and for only $15!!!!! I love everything about Designer Blogs. For those of us who don’t have a lot of money to invest in designs but still want to keep up with the “big bloggers” it’s wonderful. Thank you!!

Danielle C.

I love how Designer Blogs took my old boring blog design and made it fresh, clean, and fun to look at again. The designers are great to work with. Turnaround time is quick. I love Designer Blogs, and most importantly i love my new blog!

Kourtnee D.

I love Designer blogs! Excellent Customer service ! Loved working with Kate she is such a pleasure to work with.

Amber K.

I have been looking for months for a blog design that both fits my style and functions well. Discovering Designer Blogs was a dream come true! I found exactly what I was looking for in terms of design. The options and choices available for further customization were fantastic. And the prices were fair and reasonable. What amazed me the most is that my new blog design was installed and running within just two days. Working with Emily made the process go quickly, and she answered every question that I had making the experience more pleasant than I could have imagined. Designer Blogs exceeded all of my expectations! I’m already thinking of additional items I want to add to my design because they brought my vision to life so well! Thanks, Emily and Designer Blogs for taking my blog to the next level!

Jennifer G.

I was blown away at how easy it was to get a semi custom blog page! It was so affordable and I think it looks absolutely professional. I can’t wait to start blogging to show off my page! Thanks again Lindsay. Maybe someday I’ll be back to get a full custom site.

Christine A.

The designs and prices at Designer Blogs blew me away! When I finally was able to choose one from all my favorites, I loved working with Emily and have been thrilled with the new look of my blog.

Melissa T.

I love my new blog design. I was so surprised and impressed at how fast the installation process was. Monica was very professional and she did a wonderful job. I am very pleased. I will be a return customer and I’ll be sure to refer all of my family & friends to your site.

Lisa H.

Kate was great. I am new to the blogging world and she was very patient, with great ideas.

Rubienea D.

I love my blog design and was surprised at how fast the installation process was! The process itself was explained clearly and I come away feeling very happy. This is my first ever custom template and I know I’ll be be back for more if the need arises, but for now I adore my design. Thanks again.

Annie J.

I loved being able to work with a professional designer by name and loved how she kept in close contact with me! I appreciated all her hard work! Thank you so much! My blog is completed updated now and has a look I love!

Kristi M.

I love the my new web design. Everything was very easy, from ordering to installation. I’ll be back in the future.

Ann-Margaret M.

My Designer Blogs $15 template was so easy to install! I’m new to the blogging game, and I wanted an inexpensive template to start out. I was impressed with the number of options and the ease of installation. I’ll definitely be back to Designer Blogs when I’m ready for a new look, or even when I’m ready to take the leap into custom design!

Teran T.

Emily was a joy to work with. She was able to read my mind and create exactly what I had envisioned beautifully. I love my new blog and have enjoyed using it. I have had nothing but positive feedback from clients and colleagues.

Shayna H.

I’d been putting off a blog makeover for about 6 months because I thought it would be a drag. Not so dealing with Monica from Designer Blogs – I decided on my design and she did the magic of making it happen. She was a breeze to work with – highly responsive on email (which I need being in South Africa), super efficient and great attention to detail. This is what everybody should experience when they do a blog makeover. I highly recommend Designer Blogs and will definitely be back.

Marcia F.

I’m a 3rd time returning customer! I absolutely love the blog templates and the team is such a pleasure to work with.

Erika C.

I am so in love with the design, I can’t stop looking at my website!!! Lindsey did an incredible job and was so efficient too. Thanks for making my blog feel beautiful! :)

Allana D.

This is the second time I’ve worked with Monica. She’s awesome. I love both semi-cusom themes I purchased. The turnaround time was lightning-fast, the design is beautiful and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product, though I couldn’t resist adding a few “add-ons.”

Rachel C.

I absolutely loved working with you guys. You by far have the best and most creatively professional designs I’ve seen. Any questions I had were answered within a day and I was completely involved every step. I would definitely work with you again in the future & I’ve recommended your site to friends and family looking for designs.

Katelyn M.

Kate took my vague ideas of what I wanted my site to look like and turned them into an absolutely beautiful completed design that makes me smile every time I click to my homepage. Its clean lines, brightly-colored accents and open layout are incredibly visually appealing and make for easy reading and navigation. And as someone who is incredibly particular about fonts I’m amazed that her choices were perfect right from the start. This is not my first time working with Designer Blogs and it won’t be my last.

Rachel C.

I am absolutely in love with my new blog design! Lindsey was nothing short of patient and helpful with the various elements of putting together this gorgeous space. Special mention to her timely response in answering all my queries. I’ll definitely be back for more designs, and would definitely recommend Designer Blogs to all my friends!

Brinda K.

I loved working with Lindsey! She did a great job with the design of my blog and she asked all the right questions. I’m brand new to the blogging world but this was a great experience and I’ll definitely be back when I’m ready for more!

Chesson P.

This has been the second time I’ve worked with DESIGNER BLOGS to add a pre-made template to one of my sites. Both experiences exceeded my expectations. The designer for this project went above and beyond to ensure that the finished product was exactly how I’d envisioned it. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I am now in the queue for a custom design.

Rachel C.

I love my design. Kate was amazing and worked well with me and my thoughts. She was open-minded and flexible.

Maria O.

Since I change my theme often, I was looking for something beautiful that was also quick and easy–something I could buy and install myself. I found so many amazing WordPress theme choices that it took me an hour to choose one. And the code, it’s pristine, making all those small personal tweaks a snap! I’ll definitely be back when I’m looking to change my theme again.

Kristyn H.

This is the fourth blog template that I’ve purchased from Designer Blogs. I love them for my food blog and my personal blog! They’re easy to purchase and install and I love switching up my template every so often. Designer Blogs is awesome!

Becca T.

Working with Designer Blogs was an absolute pleasure. Kate, my designer, was so nice and most importantly, responsive and on top of her stuff! It is always reassuring to work via email with someone when you know they are going to respond quickly and efficiently.

Meredith V.

Navigating the Designer Blogs website was easy. There were a lot of amazing designs to choose from with a great selection of “add-ons.” The process was simple and everything was clearly outlined on the site in terms of expectations. I will definitely work with and recommend their services.

Rachel C.

I choose one of the premade designs since I am new to blogging. I added on a few things to give it a more personal touch and everything I wanted was done to the exact specification. Very excited and happy with the results!

Cassie D.

Lindsey did an absolutely fantastic job on my layout. It’s absolutely stunning and just what I had envisioned for my blog. She stayed in contact with me throughout the process to make sure everything was perfect and that I had no concerns or questions left unanswered. I will be sure to recommend Designer Blogs to any friends in future, and will definitely look to work with you again.

Bianca B.

Lindsey went above and beyond my expectations – she was easy to communicate with and stayed in touch to let me know what was going at all times. I’m really happy with how things turned out and when it’s time to do other add-ons or my logo I will be back. Designer Blogs is a pleasure to work with!

Ruth R.

I have worked with a blog designer before (not through Designer Blogs) and was not very satisfied with how long she took to get back to me and how long it took her to finish the design but with this experience, everything went smoothly and quickly! I’m very happy!

Allison H.

I had a wonderful experience with Designer Blogs. My blog design was completed in a timely manner and I absolutely love my design. Monica (my designer) communicated regularly about the progress of my design, and allowed me to be very proactive in my design process. I would absolutely use Designer Blogs again.

Sandra C.

Of all of the things in my process to start my blog, this was the best decision I made. Designer Blogs was well worth the money and I feel that Emily gave me great customer service!

Jennifer L.

Working with Lindsey has been an extraordinary experience. She is incredibly helpful and communicative, as well as open and receptive to my ideas and thoughts. Her help in my organizing my categories and creating a beautiful and vibrant blog were imperative, as this blog would not have happened otherwise. I cannot recommend Lindsey enough and look forward to working with her in the future as I get my blog up and running. Thank you so much!

Erin E.

Designer Blogs was so easy to work with. They have a great mix of unique and exciting pre-made templates that still make your blog end up customized.

Melissa D.

From the moment Kate started working on my blog, I felt that she was totally devoted to making my blog design exactly what I wanted. She took the ideas I had and used her creativity and skills to design a blog better than I could have ever dreamed of. All of my questions and suggestions were responded to very quickly, and it all came together in just a few days. Thank you so much Kate! I am so excited about my new blog design.


Designer Blogs provide a personal service that work alongside you to create your perfect blog. The service was quick and a reasonable price. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Karen U.

Designer Blogs provided great pre-made templates. Kristin responded to my order promptly and she installed the template in a timely manner as well. Very impressed with Designer Blogs and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Jessica M.

I am in love with my new blog design!!! I am an up and coming beauty/lifestyle blogger so I wanted to make my site look more put together… And that’s exactly what I got. :) I was so happy with how fast it was put up, and for someone like me that knows nothing about the technical side of web sites this was the best option. The price is worth it 100%. Loved my service.

Kaitlyn O.

I thought this was going to be a bit of a challenge: to get my little, fledgling blog a better look and feel. I found Designer Blogs and I loved that there were so many nice & cute template choices. I was so happy when I saw the design I finally chose. Lindsey was the designer and she was quick, asked questions when necessary, and fixed things when I suggested a change! It was a refreshing change in the service I received because I thought these “computer people” were just going to make it hard on me. Boy, was I wrong!

Kim S.

Monica was thebomb.com! She did it so perfectly the first time that all it came down to was changing some colors and fonts. Living in a different country didn’t stop her from working hard on my blog and would stay up until 6am her time finishing things that I needed done. She was so fast and amazing! I keep ordering add ons just so that we can stay in touch! :) So happy!

Alyssa R.

Before choosing designer blogs, I had a terrible time finding a blog designer that would not rip me off! I hired one lady to create a blog for me and she took my money and ran. I was very disappointed! But then I discovered designer blogs and everything was extremely professional. I had confidence that this would be a good choice and I was SO right! My blog designer Lindsey was terrific at hearing my vision and making it appear on my blog. Everything was created extremely fast and so I was not left waiting forever to receive my product. I am a first time blogger and was learning everything from scratch and Lindsey was nice enough to always answer my questions and walk me through step by step actions in order to understand my blog. Overall I would choose designer blogs over and over again!

Erica R.

From start to finish, the process was incredibly easy. I was very satisfied with the design of my blog and the designer assigned to me was accommodating and helpful. I would recommend Designer Blogs to anyone and everyone looking to take their blog to the next level!

Shanley C.

Kristin understood my vision even better than I did, and brought it to life beautifully!

Maria C.

Emily was great to work with! They got back to me within hours of contacting them and my design was installed the very next day. I will definitely use Designer Blogs again in the future and refer them to anyone interested in starting their own blog or website!

Megan S.

Emily from Designer Blogs was professional, fast, talented and was excellent to work with! I will definitely be recommending and coming back myself in the future!

Viktoriya V.

Designer Blogs was great. They have wonderful designs and great service. I would highly recommend them to someone who is looking for a little help sprucing up their blog!

Kristen B.

This was such an easy process to go through – I really loved the ability to pick and choose additional features to accompany my blog design. My designer, Emily, was so easy and kind to work with – and very timely! She had my new look up and running in less than a week! I’m sure that I will be back in the future for business cards, etc! Thanks for the fabulous work!

Rachel B.

Having my blog updated with Designer Blogs was such a relief! I knew I wanted my blog to updated and when I found out my friend had used them for her cute blog, it seemed like a “no brainer.” Emily was smart, kind, and helpful. Thank you!

Erin H.

Designer Blogs was excellent to work with! They listened to my suggestions, involved me in the design process, and responded quickly to my requests. I couldn’t be more pleased with my design process and how my site turned out. Thank you, Designer Blogs!

Kami K.

What an amazing quick and easy experience I had with Designer Blogs and WOW what an incredible outcome. Erin did a fabulous job redesigning my blog. I love the new look and will definitely be coming to Designer Blogs with any other blog design needs I have in the future!

Rebecca K.

I had been struggling to get my Blogger blog looking fresh, uncluttered, yet with a bit of an artistic touch. At Designer Blogs, I found great design samples – the hardest part was deciding which one to choose. I also appreciated that the ordering process was presented so clearly. Choosing items separately meant that I was only paying for what I wanted.

My designer was very pleasant to work with. She was efficient and responsive to my questions, and did beautiful work! I am very pleased to have a professional look to my blog!

Nancy B.

As a first time blogger, I was a little overwhelmed with the whole blogging process. However, finding Designerblogs.com made everything so easy for me. Erin did an amazing job on my blog and was extremely patient with me. She included any additions I wanted to add to my page. I was very impressed with the professionalism of Designerblogs.com and will definitely recommend it to my friends. Hope to work with ya’ll again soon!

Allison T.

I’m a bit computer challenged, so I had a bit of difficulty installing the template but someone got back with me almost immediately and was able to help me correct my mistake. I love the design and my add-ons were installed super quick! Thanks so much Lindsey and whoever helped me with my frankentemplate problem ( sorry I don’t remember her name).

Tiffany M.

Kristin did a fabulous job helping create a more ‘custom’ look for my blog using a pre-made layout. I couldn’t be happier! From start to finish the project took less than a week.

I will definitely recommend designer blogs to other newbie bloggers like myself that are in the process of learning web design!

Stephanie M.

I couldn’t be happier about the work that Courtney did on my blog. With just a few add ons, I had exactly what I’ve been looking for, The whole process went really fast and I love the result!

Axelle B.

Quick , on target and very attractive. I couldn’t believe how quickly this was complete. Emily was totally open to my suggestions. Thank you!

Claudia S.

I am so excited about my new blog design! I love the colors, clean layout and font. Working with Lindsey was a breeze. I look forward to using Designer Blogs in the future!

Kristina W.

My experience as fantastic. Kristin was professional, talented and wonderful to work with. Did I mention talented? She is very talented and I would highly recommend her.

Doloris M.

Working with Monica was great! Everything was completed quickly and as promised. I will definitely be recommending in the future!

Christina I.

Monica was great and we loved our design. I have an IT background and really appreciated and enjoyed working with Monica. I am thrilled with the final product and how quickly it was done. Definitely would recommend to others!!

Todd A.

Erin was extremely helpful and prompt. I am thrilled with the design of my blog and business cards!

Leyla C.

Lindsey was great to work with. I love the clean design she created and look forward to getting started. I know I will be visiting the add-on shop soon as the experience has been very positive. Thanks a bunch!

Lori K.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when purchasing this pre-made template but I love it. Emily was great to work with and I absolutely love what she has done with my site. Add to that, the site was completed very quickly. I would highly recommend designer blogs to anyone looking for a new, fresh, and wonderful look to their blog or website!

Jaime M.

Great experience for someone new to the blogging world. Very impressed. Well continue to do add ins as the business and website grows.

Viktoria K.

Working with Monica was great! Everything was completed quickly and as promised. I will definitely be recommending in the future!

Christina I.

I’m so happy I was able to find Designer Blogs on the net and worked with Lindsey who designed my blog. Even if we are miles apart (Lindsey is in the U.S. while I’m in Manila), communication was fast via e-mail.

Thank you Lindsey for helping me my blog’s new look. Now, it’s more personal and to me, it’s perfect.

Tina V.

Loved my design, designer and most of all my chic new fun blog! The process was so simple and easy! I know anytime I need a fresh new look I will always use DB. Thank you guys and gals for being so efficient and awesome!

Erica H.

I love Courtney´s design and we had great contact during the implementation process. She was so nice to even adapt the color of my title for me. All in all, I am so pleased, thank you so much Courney!!

Maria A.

Lindsey was great to work with and completed my blog design in a very timely manner. She accommodated my requests and, ultimately, I am very happy with the end result! I think it looks even better than expected!

Jenny K.

I have had several blogs domains and templates, but I was never happy with the results so I always ended by leaving every single project because for me the image it is a big deal.

Luckily I found Designer Blogs and as soon as I saw their portfolio, I knew they were what I was looking for, for such a long time. Now I feel like my dream of having a nice place on line has finally arrived.

Thanks to Lindsay (my designer) for the help, and thanks to the whole team for offering such a nice service with great prices, beautiful designs and quality.

Ana B.

This was my second time working with Designer Blogs and it had been a while since I was here last. Kristin was amazing! I couldn’t have asked for better! I was a little indecisive and unsure in the beginning in regards to my vision for the design. I selected something from the pre-made blog layouts, that I thought was pretty, to be adjusted to suit my Twitter layout. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about how that design would translate to Twitter and after all was said and done I loved it but I realized I wanted something fuller or richer in color (since Twitter tends to be very light and bright). Kristin was fantastic! She really took her time with me and worked hard to make sure that my design was everything I had hoped for! I would definitely recommend Designer Blogs to anyone looking for beautiful designs from kind and creative people! Thank you!!!

Kate M.

This experience was delightful. The design turned out even better than I hoped! Kristin was responsive, professional, a great help, kind, a problem-solver and a true joy to work with! Her enthusiasm and passion for design shone through and every email Kristin sent was nicer than the last. There are not enough accolades in the dictionary to explain how wonderful this process is nor how happy I am with the end results. I am thrilled!!

Stacey B.

I was nervous to commit to getting a designer for my blog because I did not want to spend the money when I thought that maybe this was something I could do on my own. SO SILLY of me to think that! It is worth every penny than having to deal with the stress of trying to figure out such a complicated thing on my own. First of all, I do not posess the skills in order to design my own blog and secondly, Kristin was WAY more than a designer…SHE WAS A COUNSELOR! We came across many decisions that I did not know what I wanted to do. She gave me very good and creative advice. She was positive during the whole process and was quick to respond. Everything was done so timely and I could NOT be more HAPPY with my design. It was exactly what I was looking for. Kristin may be a new designer, but to me she was an experienced professional delivering perfection :) I send a big thanks to her dedication. Can’t wait to start blogging again.

Randi W.


This is my second time using Designer Blogs, and once again, I am beyond happy. Kristin was my designer this time, and it was exactly what I wanted. I love that all I have to do is pick my design and pay for it AND it is installed for me. The prices are reasonable and the wait time is not too long. I love working with Designer Blogs.

Emily W.

Amanda kept in touch with me thru out the design process and answered any questions that I had! She was helpful and patient!

Kolini F.

I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now and have struggled finding the right feel for my blog with blogger and other free backgrounds. As I don’t make money off my blog I wasn’t pre-pared to go all out with a full custom design (maybe one day!) and Designer Blogs has amazing pre-made designs at what I think is a very reasonable price! After a lot of deliberation I finally decided on the design I wanted and within 48 hours I had a new blog design! Which I am very happy with! Thank you!

Lisa N.

Since I mainly blog as a hobby I have never really wanted to spend money on my theme. However once I saw the pre-made design I knew I had to have it! The entire process was fast & easy. 2 huge thumbs up from me!

Melissa A.

Emily was wonderful to work with. She was very patient with me as I tried to figure out what to do with a few choices in the design process. She listened to me and it was exactly what I was envisioning! Wonderful job and quick install, all around great experience!

Angela N.

My designer was very responsive and eager to work with me. Thanks for a job well done!

Megan F.

Monica was amazingly patient when life got in the way and delayed further work on the blog! Her ideas and feedback made our blog even better and I can’t wait to start writing – thank you!

Brittany W.

Working with Kristen at Designer Blogs was fantastic and VERY easy! Kristen was very easy to work with, explained things very well and never hesitated to help and answer any questions that I had. It was a breeze and I am so happy that I decided to work with Designer Blogs and was really happy with Kristen! Thank you so much!

Kacey R.

As this was my first experience with blog design, I wasn’t sure what to expect! However, Lindsey communicated quickly and effectively with me. My design is better than expected!

Tara M.

Kristin…Was a joy to work with…the service was extremely fast and very professional. I would definitely work with Designer Blogs again in the future.

LaKita A.

Everything looks pretty! Thanks to Erin :) I ordered my design on Jan 31.. So happy to receive a quick response from Erin & a preview from my design the next day! I highly recommend their team.. They have the friendliest & fastest service & offers a very affordable price, too! Now I am a happy blogger & a baker. Thanks to Designer Blogs :)

Rizzabelle F.

Designer Blogs is professional, prompt and easy to work with. I love the crisp, clean look of my new blog. Thank you Lindsey!

Maureen M.

Working with Lindsey was simply amazing. It was simple and easy. She made it a point to have the design of the blog to reflect my business. Her color choices and her interaction with me made my blog even more special. I highly recommend her and DB to all who want to amazing blogs.

Jackie K.

This was my first experience with Designer Blogs, and I have to say it couldn’t have gone better. The process was seamless and Kristin was such a pleasure to work with!

Ashton V.

I’m thrilled with my new design! The process was straightforward and affordable. I’ll definitely come back for any future needs for web design!

Pat S.

I am extremely impressed with Designer Blogs. They created a design for my blog that went above and beyond my expectations. They were easy to work with and fast in delivery. I would highly recommend their services.

Autumn S.

This design experience could not have been more easy and FAST! Monica knew exactly what she was doing and literally overnight, my blog was ready to go. I look forward to working with Designer Blogs again in the future for ALL of my design needs.

Kimberly W.

It was a joy working with Courtney to design our blog! She was courteous, patient and super knowledgeable. She helped us to navigate through a process that otherwise would have been very time consuming and difficult had we decided to go it alone. The creative ideas and choices for designs were endless. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product and just knowing that we can come back for ongoing support is a huge plus! Thank you Designer Blogs!!!

Heather S.

I was impress with how quickly everything was completed. I feel like the work provided was precisely as described. I will definitely use DesignerBlogs.com again. Wonderful work at a reasonable price. I feel like it was definitely worth it.

Emily W.

Designer Blogs is very easy to work with. Courtney, my designer, ran with the ideas I had and made them exactly what I wanted, but couldn’t visualize on me own. She was very quick to respond and made a beautiful design for me. I can’t recommend them enough!

Michelle D.

I love my new WordPress blog design! Working with Emily from Designer Blogs could not have been easier! She was very accommodating and answered my questions in a timely manner. My blog looks great and I was able to add extra touches that make it look more professional like a watermark for my photos. I love it!

Heather G.

Designer Blogs provided super cute options for pre-made WordPress designs. I picked one out on a Wednesday, and they had it installed by Thursday! The communication was great, and they were definitely willing to help make this work for me and my blog. Thanks for the great experience!

Christina H.

I had a great experience with Designer Blogs. Each premade design made me swoon and it was hard to choose. I appreciate all of the Blogger designs because I feel like good ones are hard to come by. I went with one of Courtney’s wonderful templates and I couldn’t be happier. She was professional and very nice through her emails and did everything in a timely matter. I was actually shocked that it took no time at all for her to respond! I am so please with my experience that I will definitely come back when I want a custom made layout.

Joanna V.

I am so happy with my new blog design! Even though I purchased a pre-made design, through the whole process Kristin still made sure everything was just as I wanted it and how I envisioned! I really appreciate all the help from Kristin. You seem to have a great team at DB!

Leanne F.

Would absolutely recommend! I love my new template, so chic and easy to install. I would purchase more add ons or possibly a custom design in the future. LOVE my new blog design!!! Thank you!!!

Rachel W.

I really thought that the Designer Blog team might get tired of me emailing them with my not understanding, but they NEVER did! Erin kindly kept sending and resending information until I finally got it!!

I wanted to cry when the template loaded! Happy tears of joy!!

100 percent satisfaction!!!!

I have the proof at www.goodartbox.com

Thank you Erin for your support and I have been admiring Designer Blogs for a long time now. I am very happy that you made this design so very affordable!!!
Thanks again!!

http:// www.goodartbox.com

The selection was great, installation was easy, and I love my design on my site!

Leah H.

Designer Blogs is a great site for blog templates! They have current and trendy designs, are very helpful, and affordable! I have used them twice now and will definitely use them again in the future when I want to change things up!

Alexandra D.

Designer Blogs were great to work with from start to finish. They communicated everything about the process clearly and gave accurate time frames regarding completion. I worked with Carrie and loved working with her! She was so sweet, listened to all of my ideas, and made the process really easy. I’m so happy with how my blog turned out!

Vicki C.

That was beyond easy. Took me five min and my blog went from ugly to gorgeous. Thanks so much!
Kaylee H.

I liked the design of the blogger template Daphne, and searched for a demo of the template, but didn’t find it anywhere on designerblogs. I took a leap of faith and purchased the template only to find that the template elements, header, fonts are not visible on the mobile version. Very disappointed with Designerblogs.com.

Pracheeti M.

With so many gorgeous premade themes to choose from – at such affordable prices – picking just one was rather a hard decision for me to make. However, the one theme I kept going back to was ‘Blythe’.

Lindsey was my Designer and she kept me informed throughout the entire process of installation. She answered my emails in a timely manner, despite the different time-zones, and was extremely patient with me after I had a glitch with one of the fonts used – a glitch which only seemed to affect me and my blog and which Lindsey was thankfully able to fix.

Lindsey took my new, plain, boring blog and turned it into a blog that feels more me and one which I cannot wait to start using. Thank you Lindsey!

Karen C.

I love my new blog design and Anna was wonderful to work with! I love blogging but not the technical side of it. Anna was so helpful in answering my questions and helping me make my blog new and improved! Thanks Anna and Designer Blogs! I would highly recommend your services.

Shelly B.

I was THRILLED with the way that the blog turned out. In addition, I’m not too familiar with how to work WordPress and Carrie was extremely helpful and kind in teaching me. I think she went above and beyond giving me tips for resizing photos, adjusting formatting and other small tweaks. She was super friendly and didn’t seem annoyed by my many questions. :) She was awesome! My blog fits our wedding theme and colors and I’m so excited to include it on our save the dates this Christmas!

Kelly K.

I worked with Emily on a pre-made and add-on order and she was awesome. She emailed me and kept me involved, was very detailed, and had a preview ready in 1 day. Everything was installed quickly and she worked through the problems I had that weren’t even related to the blog design. She was a tremendous help! I definitely recommend her and Designer Blogs!

Kari H.

I was amazed by how well the whole design process went. From the time I placed the order until the time the design was completed was only a couple of days (and it took that long because of MY response times to emails. She responded in minutes). Not only was everything timely but the designer was super friendly and the design was beautiful. I was involved in every step of the process which made me feel comfortable about what was going on. I would definitely use Designer Blogs and my designer again.

Courtney M.

I came across Designer Blogs via a simple google search. I first used a $10 premade layout while I was getting settled in the blogging world, then I went for the custom design.

Monica was amazing to work with, it seemed that she immediately understood me, my personality, and everything that I wanted my blog to be! She asked for inspiration that I use in my everyday life, which was phenomenal and made it so much easier for me to let her know the type of design I was looking for. Because I didn’t go into this was a specific design in mind I was unsure how the process would go. As Monica put it, I just wanted to fall in love when I saw it. And boy did I!

Thank you so much Monica and Designer Blogs, y’all are everything!

Maggie L.

I am absolutely thrilled with my experience with Designer Blogs. They have a variety of designs–truly something for everyone. The prices are affordable and once I ordered my design, the turnaround time was super fast. I highly recommend DB for anyone wanting a new look for their blog!

Katie S.

Thanks to the pre-made design template (which was perfectly what I had already envisioned) and the efficiency of the designer, my new blog was up and running in no time! I would definitely recommend Designer Blogs to anyone who is looking for a cost effective approach to custom design, but doesn’t want to sacrifice on quality.

Lea H.

Working with Monica is probably one of the best experiences I have had while working on blogs, sites….etc. I am truly at a loss for words. We whipped this baby up in less than a week and it is fantastic! Monica is always available, by email or skype- there is NOTHING she cannot do! I had a lot of fun, my blog looks exactly the way I want it to look. She took the time to listen to what I wanted and beautifully execute it. I would DEFO work with Monica again!

Areej S.

It was a pleasure working with Lindsey. Everything went smoothly from start to finish.

Neo M.

My blog is up and running. Already had several people comment on how much they like the design! Lindsey was very prompt and was so easy to work with. Will def. recommend designer blogs to others!

Courtney T.

I’d started out not wanting to pick any designer in particular and then I viewed each person’s work and read their bio and ended up picking one I thought had a lot in common with me – She turned out God-sent! She was excited and super-willing to do any and everything. She made the whole process look like “playing” (I didn’t realize how fast a blog could be created, having spent months creating my website with so much e-mailing and phone-calling with another company). She worked well with all my colors, logo and my istock images. I told her I felt like a star already with an empty blog. I am definitely beyond satisfied. A million thanks to Lauren and Best wishes to the entire team.

Ehi E.

Erin & all the ladies at db…Your expertise in every area from start to finish was extraordinary! We have shouted your praises from the roof tops, as we are so thrilled with the design and how professionally your system is executed down to the smallest detail!

Thank You from the Bottom of our Hearts for all ya’ll do!

Angela R.

I wanted a clean and simple design for my blog that was also aesthetically pleasing, but I didn’t have the know-how to come up with a template myself. Tweaking the standard templates in Blogger didn’t help, either. I didn’t have a fortune to spend on blog design, so I was really thrilled to find your website. I chose a design by Lindsey, and she promptly had it installed on my blog, and looking fantastic. I’m so excited with it, I’ll most definitely be using your service over and over again. You guys are awesome!

Shannon G.

I am so incredibly surprised at how easy it was to work with Courtney! She was so quick to get my blog up and so very helpful. I will def. be referring anyone who is interested in starting a blog or website to designer blogs! My site looks exactly how I imagined, elegant and timeless! I am beyond impressed with your AMAZING customer service. I was literally e-mailing Courtney at 11 pm and getting a response with in 5 minutes. I felt like I was dealing with a friend rather than someone I have never met! Thank you again for all your help and I look forward to doing business with designer blogs again in the future.

Megan H.

Courtney was wonderful to work with. I felt like she was in the same room working with me despite only communicating via email. I purchased a premade blogger design. Everything is pristine and beautiful. The finished product turned out better than I had imagined. For any updates to my site in the future I will most certainly return to Designer Blogs.

Jennifer K.

My designer was thorough and prompt, and made sure to get my input! When she was done, the site looked amazing!! Thanks Designer Blogs!!!

Rebecca R.

I cannot believe how easy, affordable and quick my blog design turnaround was. Lauren was so easy to work with and so flexible! I would recommend Designer Blogs to anyone looking for a blog design in a heartbeat!

Lindsey N.

My experience with Designer Blogs was amazing from start to finish! I chose a premade template and am extremely happy with the results! Lauren was my designer and she was great! I highly recommend Designer Blogs to anyone who needs that extra bit of polish to make their blogs truly shine. Thanks so much!

Maria S.

I was extremely expressed with Courtney’s responsiveness and how fast she completed my blog. She was very pleasant to work with in the design process. I look forward to referring her and Designer Blogs to others.

Michelle M.

I had a really great experience working with Courtney! She took the vision I had in my head and made it a reality! She was very professional and is so talented!

Jenny M.

I love all of the designs and I picked a simple pre-made design for blogger, because I am just breaking into the blogosphere. I look forward to working on this craft and improving, and I also look forward to using Designer Blogs in the future to add more special touches to my blog.

Katy N.

I wanted a personal blog for our family and didn’t have a lot of time to devote to the design. I was directed to Designer Blogs and could not believe the value for the price! Courtney was kind and easy to work with and was very quick to answer my every question and even walked me through a few how-to’s! Amazing experience overall! I highly recommend Designer Blogs!

Mariah D.

I love Designer blogs. This is the second Blogger blog that received Designer Blogs make over and both with Courtney. I am still waiting though for the WP blog designer to contact me for my WP blog and I purchased these order at the same time.

Lelanie D.

If you are looking for a ravishing blog design at a decent budget, designer blogs is the best solution. My designer was co-operative and friendly. The service was fast and the best. I got what I wanted!

Lakshmi B.

I love Designer Blogs; everyone I have interacted with has been hepful, professional, prompt and accomodating.

I loved working with Courtney and found her very pleasant! She was great at taking my ideas and making them happen. I would love to work with her again and would love to recommend her.

Denise G.

Am a return customer to Designer Blogs I couldn’t recommend them more highly to anyone – the whole process of order and completion is so fast and professional. Will definitely use again!

Justine K.

I had the pleasure of working with Courtney on my blog, Perception in Print. She couldn’t have been more patient and understanding. Her communication skills were top notch, an essential quality all successful designers need to possess. She carefully listened to all of my inquiries and tweeked, and tweeked my blog, until everything was to my liking. Thanks again Courtney!

Stapha C.

Choosing to work with Designer Blogs to update my template was a great decision – the process went very smoothly, and Laurent was wonderful to work with. I am so happy with the changes that were made, and I am happy to recommend Designer Blogs to all my readers. Thank you so much!

Susan R.

Courtney was very pleasant to work with–she was very patient. I was able to express changes that I wanted in the design and they were made. My questions were answered and the entire project plus a business card design was done so quickly! I have a blog I am proud to show to people and a card that matches my blog! I’m ready to go.

Shannon C.

I have been searching quite awhile for the perfect blog designer, so when I came across Designer Blogs I knew I had found the one! I am super impressed with how quickly they responded and got things started. Lauren was so nice, very professional, and extremely helpful through the whole process. I am in love with the finished product and could not be happier. I have already recommended this design site to other bloggers and will continue to do so in the future. Designer Blogs, thank you so much for rewarding me with a blog I am proud to share with my followers. I sincerely appreciate it.

Ginger P.

Working with Designer Blogs was AWESOME! Erin got my order in quickly, efficiently and it came out PERFECT! Best investment I have made in a while.

Alyssa N.

customizing your blog design can be an expensive process! I was really pleased, therefore, when I stumbled across Designer Blogs pre-made designs. They’re eye catching and have a unique look – without the big price tag!

Sally H.

This is the second template that I get from Designer Blogs, so much I like their designs! And if someday I start a third blog I will surely come back here for more designs!

Lia H.

Courtney exceeded ALL expectations on design and implementation! She is extremely creative and very punctual….I couldn’t be happier with our results!! I am thrilled that we had the opportunity to work with DesignerBlogs for our project!

Anna A.

Courtney created a button that perfectly matched my existing design, and she did it in a remarkably short amount of time. I will always use Designer Blogs for all my blogging needs, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for beautiful, affordable designs.

Sarah W.

i was referred to designer blogs after i deleted my self made template and was distraught about building another one. designer blogs has so many different templates to choose from – it was almost a chore to pick because i liked so many of them! they were a very helpful staff & went out of their way to help with a few minor link problems i was having. all in all, i would 100% recommend them to anyone — and at these prices!? :-] i’m walking away as a very happy satisfied customer.

Jarrin R.

When it came to finally breaking down to have a professional “blog makeover,” I definitely knew I wanted to go with Designer Blogs! Your pre-made designs were the perfect option for me when it came to quality and price. My experience was fantastic! Lindsey made my blog so pretty, and now I can’t wait to write my next post! :)

Emily W.

Courtney was VERY pleasant to work with and did an amazing job expressing ideas, explaining functions, and responding to my request. She went above and beyond my expectations and her design was just what I had in mind! :-)

Sydney C.

I was delighted that the design was done so quickly and that Courtney took the time to answer my question and provide instructions. Great work and I look forward to working with you again in the future. I’m definitely going to be a return customer.

Michelle F.

I LOVED IT! I have been wanting to do a design for my blog for a very long time, but never found a design that really clicked with me….. until I found Designer Blogs! I couldn’t be happier with my results or the service. I would refer Designer Blogs to anyone.

Samantha F.

I really love all the designers work. They are kind and they throw out ideas and bring your vision to life. The email communication is always timely and what you pay for is very much worth the work and design that’s created.

Nora S.

I admit I shopped around when I started looking for blog designers but ultimately came back to Designer Blogs, and I couldn’t be happier it was such a pleasure to work with Lindsey my assigned designer. She made everything super easy for me, always responded my emails quickly and always made sure I was ok with everything done with the design. Thank you for making this process as simple and enjoyable as possible. :)

Jocelyn G.

Lauren was extremely pleasurable to work with – she was quick and responsive to my questions. Overall, I am extremely satisfied.

Kristen L.

I wanted to have a fresh new look for my blog without a huge investment, and I just LOVED Designer Blogs’ pre-made layouts. Lindsey was so nice and very professional, and my updated blog looks wonderful! I’ll definitely be back and will recommend you to my fellow authors.

Kerry F.

I have nothing but great things to say about Designer Blogs. I was paired up with Courtney and I felt like she knew me and my style right away. She made the process easy and fun and she did a fantastic job. I also searched for about 2 weeks to find a design company and this one is by far one of the best out there. I would recommend Design Blogs to anyone.

Tirza L.

Emily was a pleasure to work with. She addressed all of my questions and concerns in a timely manner. My blog looks very professional, portraying exactly what I wanted it to. I will refer Designer Blogs to my friends and colleagues.

Courtney H.

Courtney was so fast and so easy to work with. when I did not respond to the first email she sent me as it ended up in my spam folder, she immediately followed up. I am so happy with how fast she has done everything and I loved the end result! will definitely order again from Designer Blogs!

Lelanie D.

Lindsey was absolutely awesome. I am blown away at the service that was provided at such an affordable price point! When I purchased, I was expecting to have to install the entire design myself (I failed to read the details) and was elated to discover someone would handle that all for me. Lindsey was quick to contact me and a pleasure to work with.

Cheryl M.

I highly recommend Designer Blogs. Lindsey was wonderful to work with and had everything up and running quick…I’m talking 24 hours! My blog looks professional and very unique! I’m sooooo happy! :) Thanks Lindsey!!!

Nicole E.

Lauren was wonderful! She kept in very close touch with me and was very quick to respond. I adore my new blog design and am so excited to use it!

Cassie U.

I wasn’t sure my blog had enough traffic to warrant paying for a professionally designed template, but after working with Lindsey and Designer Blogs I am SO glad I made the leap! Not only does my blog look more professional, but I also feel more confident now about telling family and friends to check it out and direct others to my site. Lindsey worked closely with me to make several changes to the template that I thought made it feel a little more “me,” and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Thanks Lindsey!

Madeleine D.

I’m new to the blogging world and quickly decided that I needed professional help with my blog design:) Lindsey has been great! And I will definitely be back in the future.

Damaris G.

I love, love LOVE my new blog! Everything from the initial conversation to finding out that the design was finished went flawlessly. Erin is not only talented but really went out of her way to help me with little extras and for that, I’ll always recommend Designer Blogs.
p.s. – did I mention that I love my blog?

Angelica B.

Designer Blogs did an amazing job bringing my Blog Design to what I had envisioned for my look! Emily did a wonderful job designing my blog and listening to my inputs too! She was very sweet and thoughtful and worked very hard making my blog just the way I wanted it! I was very happy with the end result and enjoy just staring at my blog because I like it so much! I will definitely use Designer Blogs again! Thanks so much!

Breanna R.

The experience with Designer Blogs was awesome! Erin was so easy and pleasant to work with! She captured everything I wanted and a whole lot more. I’d recommend you guys to anyone.

Stephanie D.

I’ve been in search of a new blog design for a while now, so when I came across Designer Blogs, I knew I finally found the right fit! Lindsey was so easy to work with, and she was super quick with all responses. I will definitely be recommending Designer Blogs to friends and family in the future. Thanks for the friendly service!

Rachel D.

I purchased a premade design from Designer Blogs and within a day, Lara had contacted me and started work on my design. I had a few add-ons and things I wanted to customize, and Lara was great about working with me on those and making sure that I liked what she had created. The whole process took only a few days, and I am thrilled with the results. I will definitely be coming back to Designer Blogs when I’m ready to change up my blog again.

Crystal B.

Quick turnaround and a great update for an outdated blog. Hope to get some add-ons in the future. Thanks!

Jennifer S.

I am a returning customer to Designer Blogs and I’ve always liked the designs they have given me. This time it was a pleasure to have Erin do the makeover for my blog. As I frequently keep changing the look of my blog, I am surely coming back here.

Arundhuti R.

I have played around with bloggers design template, but everything just just off- I wanted something pretty, girly, and complimentary so I started looking at other bloggers custom templates, but I didn’t want to pay too much. When I found Designer Blogs I was THRILLEd with their different levels of templates. I purchased this item on the 7th & it was completed in just 3 days! I am sooo beyond happy with it! Thank you so much Erin!!

Sara M.

Overall, I had a very positive experience with Designer Blogs. Erin engaged me throughout the entire process – even though I bought a premade, it feels customized to me. I love it and Thank you!

Stephanie L.

Lindsey was great to work with! Everything moved along very quickly. Thanks so much! I LOVE my new blog! It’s so much more me :-)

Allison P.

Pleased. On time, punctual and I would use Designer Blogs again in the future. It was worth it!

Nancy S.

I cannot say enough how thrilled I am to have a beautiful blog designed by Designer Blogs. I did extensive research before I decided to had Designer Blogs design my site. They have truly exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend their services! In fact I already have. Thank you so much Designer Blogs for designing the perfect look that I needed for my company.

Christina B.

I have had a blog designed for my business account in the past and I just wish I would have found Designer Blogs sooner…amazing work, professional service and fast delivery of a beautiful site! I will absolutely recommend to friends!!!

Jenny M.

Love love love!! I love my blog and Erin who I worked with. It was so quick and orderly. You guys have your work down pat! I recommend you to everyone and look forward to using your services again :)

Erica S.

Amazing designs, decent prices, fast to work with being that I bought a premade one. I purchased this on Thursday, received a follow up email on Friday and it was installed for me on Saturday. A good company to work with.

Melissa M.

When I went to the Empire State building on Monday, I fell in love with the art deco. All the sunbursts make me happy. When I got home, I was excited to discover that there is a premade art deco-ish blog on Designer Blogs so I ordered it. By Wednesday night I had a newly designed blog! I’ve used this company twice and it’s been a quick and easy transaction each time. I love that some blog designs are as cheap as 10 bucks! Designer Blogs makes it possible for me to change my blog layout on a whim. Thanks!

Sharon B.

I loved working with our designer Lauren! I think she could read my mind and produced a product that was far more elegent then i could have possibly envisioned. The wait was long, but well worth it. She contacted me to let me know she would be working on our designs and in less then 24 hours, our blog, navigation bar, and facebook landing page had been designed and implemented. She was a pleasure to work with, and super quick when it came to making corrections and getting back to us with plans. I will definately use you guys again for all our needs, and will be sharing you with our friends!

Stefani G.

AMAZING! Erin helped turn my vision into a reality! My design was completed extremely fast and it was done SO well! Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience…I’ll be back for sure and I’m telling everyone to get their blog makeovers by Designer Blogs!

Nicole P.

I loved working with Emily and Designer Blogs. The process was easy and fun. I felt like I was a part of the design process and that my ‘voice’ was heard. I love my design. Thank you!

Amy L.

It was such a joy to work with Erin and Designer Blogs! Every detail of my blog redesign was handled quickly and professionally, and Erin incorporated all the personal details I requested. In the future, I will visit Designer Blogs for all my design needs and will highly recommend them to anyone seeking a beautiful design for a very reasonable price. Thanks, Erin and Designer Blogs!

Sarah W.

I am very excited about my Designer Blog. Lauren was wonderful to work with, very positive and got it done in a timely manner. I look forward to working with her again.

Meredith B.

Thank you so much, I LOVE my layout! and Erin was an absolute pleasure to work with. Couldn’t reccomend Designer Blogs higher. Thanks again :)

Jandy R.

I had a fantastic and perfect experience with Designer Blogs! Lauren did great, she went beyond the call of duty to get it done quickly. She was patient, kind, and professional, I could not have asked for a better person to do my blog. It looks great, I’m so happy with it!

I will come here for all of my future blog designs, and I hope Lauren can do them :)

Kelley C.

Emily was just great! I chose a premade template and a few add-ons. Emily knew just what to do and completed it timely! I’m a happy customer!

Rachel G.

This was my first time having any kind of custom or premade work done on my blog. I’m not all that familiar with the process or proper protocol but the staff at Designer Blogs were so kind and helpful, they pointed me in the right direction and made me feel apart of the design process. Erin was my designer and she was such a joy to work with! I will definitely do more with Designer Blogs in the future along with telling all of my friends about them! Thanks everyone!

Katie M.

Lauren was so easy to work with – she is very knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend her to all my blogging friends! (plus the premade blog design is a very economical way to have a quick and easy blog facelift)

Gwen T.

I worked with Lauren from Designer Blogs on my website and she was amazing. Always asked my opinions. I can’t wait to come back and get something done again from her. I will definitely be referring all of my blogger friends to you guys.

Brianna C.

Lauren did such a great job with my blog design! She took my input and created exactly what I had imagined. She was nice, patient, and very attentive during the whole process. She is so talented, yet made me feel very comfortable during the process to share my ideas as well. Designer Blogs rocks!

Amy C.

Designer Blogs responded to my request in a very short time and had my new layout installed right away! Very easy and pleasant to work with! Thanks for my adorable layout! I love it! :)

Ginger K.

I love that it is a one of a kind! And sweet Erin was so patient with me because I was being so picky! I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but she was able to create something I love!

McKinley M.

I chose a premade designed by Lauren, and she was extremely quick and helpful in fitting my site’s information into the template and installing it! Now I have a beautiful, professional-looking blog design that I can be proud of.

Jessi E.

I love writing my dog blog but as more people started commenting on it, I worried that the various parts appeared a little thrown together. I was thrilled to discover an affordable premade template at Designer Blogs. Lauren was super responsive to my (many, many) questions and the new design was installed less than 48 hours after my order was placed. I’m really proud of how cohesive, organized and visually appealing my blog is now. Thank you so much!

Francie S.

I had a wonderful experience with Designer Blogs. My designer Emily was great to work with and had wonderful ideas. The design was completed super fast and installed all within days. All the time and effort the designer put into the blog paid off. It looks amazing! Thank You Emily!!

Missy A.

I loved the premade templates you had…they were perfect for me! On top of that my blog was ready in just a few days with a WHOLE new look!! I will not hesitate to work with you again! A special thanks to Lauren for being so wonderful to work with!


Erin was so great to work with! She made it very clear that she wanted me to be 100% happy with the design and I certainly am. I appreciated all the tweaks and changes she made along the way and I wholeheartedly recommend Designer Blogs!

Sarah B.

The response was beyond speady, the service terrrific, and I LOVE the design! I appreciated to quick communication!

Melissa F.

Lauren was fabulous in answering all of my questions and making adjustments before she implemented the new design onto my blog! Great designs and great service!

Melissa S.

When you do not design, it can be hard to even know what to ask for in a design. But Emily was so great to work with. She would put some things together and then get feedback from me and through the process I was able to figure out what I really wanted. She was perfectly patient with my tweaking things and together we made the perfect blog! Her design was beautiful and I am so happy with it! Thank you Emily!!

Jennifer M.

I highly recommend Designer Blogs. Our designer, Emily was fabulous to work with. She really took our ideas into consideration and blended them well with her creative style to create a wonderful piece of art. The design is everything we wanted and more than we ever expected! Designer Blogs goes above and beyond to ensure you will be thrilled with the end result.

Cheryl S.

I am just starting the conversion to a new blog and wanted to have a fabulous look to go with it. I wasn’t quite ready to commit to a full custom layout (as I don’t know what I want yet), and found the pre-designed layouts to be a perfect fit. They are VERY affordable and give you many benefits that other pre-mades out there don’t. (access to custom social networking buttons, etc). It looks great and I am already planning my next purchase. Thanks again!

Kaitlin C.

Working with Designer Blogs was a great experience! I’m fairly new to the blogging world and wasn’t real sure of my choices or what to expect. Erin did a wonderful job of turning my jumble of thoughts into a cohesive blog and etsy banner. I was pleased with the pricing and am so happy with the finished product! Thank you!

Katie P.

Erin was incredibly quick– and incredibly understanding when I disappeared on vacation and wasn’t able to respond:) Loved working with her and will definitely be back to purchase more products for my blog!

Cat Julian

Designer Blogs was great. I chose a premade design and was contacted within a few hours by my designer. The design was up and ready within 24. I was super impressed at the speed and the quality of the work. Erin was very pleasant to work with and I am looking forward to when I can afford a completely custom blog design! Thank you, Designer Blogs!

Julie P.

The designer, Erin worked expediently and quickly responded to my emails and modification requests. I am so very happy with the result and will use her again in the future.

Paula J.

I wanted a quick and simple solution to my extremely boring blog and this was the perfect answer! I chose from a beautiful pre-made layout, added some extras and withing 3 days my new layout was ready to go. I love it! :)

Jaclyn M.

Erin was nothing less then a joy to work with. The whole process was so easy, and fast! Every time I asked for a change, she reminded me that she wanted me to be 100% happy with the design. I really appreciate that. I can’t wait to do my other blog!

Maria R.

I had a great experience with Designer Blogs and love my new and updated blog! Lauren was great to work with and answered all my questions and implemented my ideas very quickly. I had my new blog up and running in no time and am thrilled with the results!

Ryan F.

Lauren was so great to work with. Although I selected a premade design, it has such a custom, personal feel to it. I love it and I think it couldn’t of captured the theme of my blog any better.
I am such a blog novice and Lauren went above and beyond on explaining things for me.

Heather G.

I loved working with Lauren and Designer Blogs. The timeframe that everything was completed in exceeded my expectations and I will definitely use this company again for any future blog needs. Thanks for your professionalism and efficiency!

Maria B.

I love Designer Blogs! My designer Lauren was such a joy to work with. I’m a super picky person, and she was so kind and patient with me and my multiple requests. I had a big order, so i knew my designer would have her work cut out for her, Lauren did an amazing job, I couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you Lauren!!!!! I’ll be back to work with you guys when I need anything else!

Sharla M.

I worked with Erin and she was great to work with and very pleasant. I would definitely use Designer Blogs again if I decide to change my blog layout.

Lakendra K.

This is my third time working with Designer Blogs. The blog design was an essential element of our new brand. Lauren did an excellent job of capturing the essence of our brand and I truly appreciate the quality of work provided. Our clients LOVE our new look.

Nichole A.

I had something very specific in mind for my blog design, but I was only going to know it when I saw it. I poured over templates, both freebies and premiums, for weeks. When I found the pre-made Bobbie Lou template on Designer Blogs, I knew it was the one. In just 2 or 3 days, Erin had it customized and installed. I could not be happier with it or the service I received!

Ellen F.

Erin is fabulous! She was so easy to work with and extremely nice! Can’t wait to update to a custom made blog by Designer Blogs in the future!

Ashley M.

I have had two blogs redesigns by Designer Blogs, and both experiences have been very positive. They have so many good examples and premades to chose from and the designers are prompt and efficient to work with.

Beth S.

I have to look at my blog everyday so I really wanted to like it, but I don’t…I LOVE IT!!! L.O.V.E. I tell ya!! I surprised myself with how picky I was, but Lauren tweaked every little thing until it was PERFECT!! She was a pleasure to work with and I won’t hesitate to come back to her for any of my blog design needs!! Thanks for making my blog look so awesome!!

Wendy R.

Designer Blogs was nothing short of a joy to work with. You made it very easy follow step by step tutorials for steps I needed to complete and you held my hand along the way. I love my new blog it is something I am proud to send my clients too and am exited to update my blog instead of dreading it like before. You guys ROCK!

Emily J.

Everything turned out perfect! Once I have more experience with blogging, I plan to upgrade to another design. Thank you, designer blogs! You’ve made my life easier!

Abigail R.

Lauren was great to work with! She shared my excitement for the project through and through, and was patient with my questions and edits. I appreciated how fast she was to answer my emails and how detailed she was on the final installation, even helping with HTML codes for Google Analytics, BlogHer ads and more.

Alexis A.

I’m new to blogging, but am very visual, so I wanted to a design in place before publishing my first post. Lauren was great to work with! She was quick, attentive and very helpful in showing available options and answering my questions. My first choice of pre made design wasn’t available, but I think that was a blessing in disguise. I love the final product, and look forward to working with you in the future.

Alexis C.

I loved working with Lindsey on my new blog design! I told her what I wanted and she took it from there creating exactly what I had envisioned. We e-mailed back and forth and never had any problems communicating. I highly recommend Designer Blogs!

Ashley J.

I can not say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Erin. She got back to me in regards to all of my questions/concerns in a very speedy manner. My whole experience was very delightful and extremely easy.

Bethany S.

Great experience with Erin, she was so nice and worked so fast.
It’s not every day you get good and friendly customer service, I mean it really almost never happens these days. I will come back to Designer Blogs for any and all blog design from here on out!

Brittany K.

When you’re so thrilled with something that it makes you gasp when you see it, you know it’s good. That’s how it was for me when I saw my blog design for the first time. I seriously LOVE it! The designer I worked with was so nice and she could not have done a more perfect job at making it exactly what I wanted. I could not be happier! Thanks so much Designer Blogs!!!

Brooke B.

Lara was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was timely in installing my design and had great communication with me throughout the process. I will definitely use Designer Blogs again!

Brooke M.

Emily was a pleasure to work with. She completed my blog quickly and efficiently taking into consideration the changes I requested last minute. I loved the pre-made templates option as I wanted something original but within my budget. Designer Blogs is a wonderful resource for any blogger.

Cailin S.

I would highly recommend Designer Blogs to anyone who wants to give their blog a facelift or more artistic flair. I worked with Erin, who was absolutely fantastic! In the beginning, I had 2 ideas that I wanted to incorporate in my blog design and she made the vision come to life. During the process, Erin emailed me several times to inform me of the changes and she was more than willing to change the design based on my suggestions. The best part was, the whole process only took a few days! I’m 100% satisfied!

Carrie F.

I’m a new blogger and a bit picky on blog design. I started to blog then got a bit overwhelmed with school work so I figured I’d get a pre-made and while I waited for it I’d get caught up. WELL, it came SO fast! I even got a watermark for my photos and literally it was all finished within 24 hours. Lauren did a fantastic job and replied quickly during the installation process. I’m very pleased! My blog now has that professional touch that I needed for inspiration! Thanks!!!

Cassie W.

It was really easy to work with Erin and the entire Designer Blogs team. They were professional, quick to deliver and very creative throughout the entire process. My blog turned out even better than I expected! I plan to use Designer Blogs again in the future and highly recommend their services!

Christa C.

I didn’t have any direct refferals for designer blogs but decided that for the price I would just go ahead and try it. The entire experience was awesome! Once I placed my order, the response I got was super fast and once I gave Lindsey my information, she had it done that same day!! My blog looks great and I’m so happy with everything! Turned out exactly as I had it in mind. Quick and painless, and easier than I ever imagined. Thanks Lindsey!

Christal T.

The service & friendliness that I received from Erin was fantastic & I would recommend Designer Blogs to anyone. Thank you so much!

Danielle C.

Unfortunately I have hired several blog designers via the internet and have been left unsatisfied. Mostly by the lack of timeliness and follow-up. With Designer Blogs everything was handled professionally, timely with excellent communication and a completed product. I would recommend Designer Blogs without hesitation!

Deann G.

Designer Blog was the perfect choice for my blog. Lauren’s beautiful design and handwork brought my wants to life. Lauren was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Deirdre D.

I would recommend everyone who wants to make their blog look awesome to try Designer Blogs. The process is simple and the outcome exceeded my expectations. So easy and definately worth the Custom Blog queue waiting time. Thanks Erin.

Dianne R.

Overall, I had a great experience with Designer Blogs. The blog turned out beautifully. I asked for a tweak in the design and was met with a quick change and was overall satisfied with the entire design!

Giovanna P.

From a beautiful, easy to use site for my premade template shopping needs – to a delightful, courteous and talented designer and a perfectly designed blog – I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of which my experience at Designer Blogs exhibited from start to finish. Thank you Emily and the Designer Blogs team – I will definitely be recommending your site to anyone in need of a blog makeover!

Heather M.

Designer Blogs was a delight to work with. They were very fast and efficient as well as helpful along the way. I greatly appreciate all of their help and will return for future endeavors.

Thanks so much!!!

Holly C.

Emily was wonderful to work with. She was also very helpful in explaining the different aspects of blog design.

Jackie Z.

Erin was great! I ordered a pre-made design but I still feel the design is uniquely mine. Service was fast and friendly which is a plus. Thanks for everything!

Jai K.

Emily was so accommodating and easy to work with. She was very understanding and patient when we were slow to get her approvals. Thank you, Emily! The design looks great!

Jen D.