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What platforms do you design for?

Our premade blog themes and custom blog designs are available for blogs hosted through Blogger and WordPress (self-hosted only). Our Blogger templates are available for sites hosted through Blogger only. Our custom website designs are available for sites hosted through WordPress (self-hosted) only. We do not design for WordPress.com. WordPress.com is the free version of WordPress and does not support custom themes (which is what we create). If your blog is hosted through WordPress.com or a platform other than Blogger or WordPress (self-hosted), we will not be able to serve you.

How do I know if my blog is WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

Go to your login page and hover over the WordPress logo above the login area. If it says “WordPress.com” you have a free WordPress.com site. If it says “Powered by WordPress,” then you have a self-hosted WordPress site, which means you are paying for a monthly hosting plan and can use our designs.

How do I set up a self-hosted WordPress blog?

You’ll need to visit a hosting provider (we recommend Bluehost) and purchase a domain from them. Then you’ll need to purchase a hosting account for your domain through them as well. Once you have your hosting account purchased, you’ll need to find the WordPress installation application in your hosting account and click on it to get WordPress installed to your domain. Once you have WordPress installed then you are ready to purchase a design from us. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial.

Will I lose anything on my blog by using one of your designs?

Our designs will replace all existing coding within your html. If you have custom coding within your html (ie: Google Analytics, SEO, etc.) that coding will be lost unless you notify your designer of it prior to install so she will know to carry over that coding. Items like drop-down menu’s and post excerpts will need to be purchased if you wish for them to be carried over into the new design. Your post content, comments and sidebar gadgets/widgets will remain as is and will not be lost with the install of the new design. If you wish for any sidebar gadgets such as social media buttons, custom sidebar graphics, etc. to be changed to coordinate your new design, then you will need to purchase those items from us–otherwise, they will remain as is with the install of the new design. As always, it is strongly recommended that you save a back-up of your blog anytime you change your blog design.

Can I add/change things to my blog design in the future?

Yes. You are welcome to add/change things on your blog after you purchase a design from us. If you know how to add things on your own, you are more than welcome to do so without our permission or assistance. We do, however, ask that you not alter any design images we have created for you without our permission first. If there are items you’d like added in the future that you do not know how to add on your own, then we will be happy to assist with these items. Please visit our blog accessories shop for a list of options and pricing.

Do you offer technical support?

Our designs come with basic technical support for 24 hours after the design is installed where we’ll be happy to answer any basic troubleshooting questions you may have as you settle into your new design. For further or more complex technical support, you’ll need to purchase our Post-Install Support Package from our Blog Accessories Shop. We also recommend that you review our Blogger tutorials or WordPress tutorials as you’ll find answers to most basic troubleshooting questions there.

What if I don’t currently have a blog design from you? Can I still purchase blog accessories?

If you don’t currently have a design by us, you can still purchase items from us–however there may be limitations in what we can do for you based on the theme/design you are using. Please visit our blog accessories shop for a full list of options and pricing.

Do you do trade work or can I feature you on my blog in exchange for a free design?

Unfortunately we do not do trade work–however, we do have an affiliate program that we encourage you to enroll in. Joining our affiliate program will allow you to earn a commission on every template sale you send our way. It is a great way for you to effortlessly accumulate money to put towards a blog design from us.

Do I need to purchase all my accessories at the same time as my design or can I purchase them later?

You do not need to purchase all of your accessories when you purchase your design. You can always return in the future to purchase them at a later date. Simply visit our blog accessories shop whenever you need something added and we’ll be happy to help you with those items at that time.

What are your typical turnaround times?

Our turnaround times vary depending on what type of design you purchase:

BLOGGER TEMPLATES: can be immediately installed to your site using the installation instructions included with your template purchase.

PREMADE BLOG THEMES: will be installed to your site within one week of purchase date (exception: if you add numerous blog accessories it may take a little longer)

CUSTOM BLOG & WEBSITE DESIGNS: view our queue to see the current wait time for a custom blog design. Once your name reaches the top of the queue, it generally takes between 2-6 weeks (depending on size of order) to complete your design from start to finish. If you need your order started on immediately, you can pay a $200 rush fee and your order will be assigned to the next available designer.

BLOG ACCESSORIES ORDERS: we work on blog accessory orders with the spare time we have during or between our custom & premade orders, so the wait time will vary according to the current work load of your assigned designer–however, the typical wait time for blog accessories is about 1-2 weeks.

Are your designs mobile responsive?

Mobile responsive coding is included with the majority of our designs. If it is included, it will state that it is included with the design. If it is not stated as a feature included with the design, then it does not include mobile coding. If you want mobile coding added to a design that does not include it, it can be purchased as an accessory item. Simply add the “mobile responsive coding” option to your order.

Do you offer phone consults?

Because our design time as stay-at-home moms is very limited each day, we prefer to correspond primarily via email. However, we do offer phone consults when necessary. Because phone consults cut into our very limited design time, we have a fee of $50 per hour for them, please let us know if you’d like to arrange that and we’ll invoice you as needed. Otherwise, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have free of charge via email.

What if I’m not satisfied? Do you give refunds?

If you have placed an order and change your mind after you have sent payment and before work on your design has begun, then we will gladly send a refund minus any PayPal processing fees. All sales are final with our Blogger Templates and no refunds will be given. Refunds are not given on Premade Blog Themes if the customizations of the design have already been started on by a designer. If you purchase a custom blog or website package, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required before we will start on your design–however, if you feel at any time during the design process that we are not creating the look you are wanting, then you may cancel your order and you will not be required to pay the remaining balance.

Do you offer a discount to returning customers?

We offer a $10 off discount to returning custom blog & website customers. Once your custom design is complete, you will receive by email a $10 off coupon that can be applied to any future premade, custom, or blog accessory order. Please save the coupon to your computer as it will need to be uploaded to the order form when you place your order.