Custom Design Terms


Custom Design Terms
& conditions



We reserve the right to reject any order placed for a website we feel contains objectionable or offensive material.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is due upfront and is required before your name will be added to our queue. Your remaining balance will be due in full before we will install the design to your site or provide you any files.


Due to demand, a queue wait is required for custom designs. The queue is created on a first come, first serve basis according to the time in which your 50% non-refundable deposit is made. Please be aware of the current queue wait before submitting an order.


All images or graphics you provide to be used in your design are assumed to have the proper permissions. Designer Blogs is not liable for the use/misuse of the images and graphics you provide to us.


As with any new design, it is strongly recommended that you save a back up of your blog before we install your new design to assure nothing is lost during the installation process. Designer Blogs is not responsible for anything lost due to your failure to backup your blog.


Adding content to your posts and pages is your responsibility and is not included in the custom blog package. If you purchase a custom website design, the package includes the addition of content to up to three pages. If you need our assistance adding content to your pages outside of what is designated in your pacakge, we are happy to do so at $50/hour. All content must be finalized before we will implement it to your site.


Once your designer has contacted you to get started on your design, it is imperative that you stay in constant contact with your designer in order for us to complete your design in a timely manner. If you take longer than two weeks to reply to any email from your designer, your order will be cancelled, you will lose the rights to your design and no refunds will be given.


If you want your design to be mobile responsive, you must purchase the mobile responsive add-on regardless of whether your current design is mobile responsive or not. Mobile responsiveness does not carry over from one design to another and needs to be recoded within each new design.


Most fonts have specific licensing which prevents us as designers from using certain fonts in client work without the client purchasing the font themselves. To protect ourselves from violating copyright, we choose to only work with custom fonts that our clients have the licensing for by having them purchase the font prior to our use of it. Unless a license specifically allows it, fonts cannot be shared among multiple computers or amongst multiple clients even if the fonts are all owned by a single corporation such as Designer Blogs. Having the client purchase the font not only protects us, but it protects the client as well.


Our custom designs include up to three rounds of revisions. If your requests for revisions exceed that allotment, you will be charged $50/hour for the additional revisions. If you decide to change your design concept in the middle of the design process, you will be charged for the price of any new graphics (if applicable) plus the time already spent on your original design at $50/hour.


Approving your design for installation means you are 100% satisfied with the design. By approving your design for installation you are also agreeing that no further requests for major revisions will made and that you will pay any outstanding balance before install. Payment is due in full before we will install your design. If minor revisions are requested after installation which exceed the one hour of free post-install support time included with your design (see POST-INSTALL SUPPORT below), you will be require to pay for the additional time to make those changes.


We will provide up to one hour of free post-install support for minor revisions or to go over any troubleshooting questions you may have as you settle into your design. The one hour of post-install support expires 30 days from the installation date after which you will need to purchase the “Post-Install Support Package” from our blog accessories shop for additional assistance.


You are responsible for maintaining your site once the design has been installed. This includes adding content to pages and posts, updating plugins & themes, adding/removing gadgets/widgets, etc. We are blog designers–not blog maintainers. For our assistance with any maintenance help you are unable to figure out, you will need to purchase our “Post-Install Support Package” for $50 and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Due to the unique nature of blog design, Designer Blogs does not offer refunds on designs already begun. If you have submitted your 50% deposit or full payment and change your mind before your design has been started on, we will gladly send a full refund. Once your design has been started on, your 50% deposit becomes non-refundable. Once the revision process is complete and you approve your design for installation, full payment is due and your payment becomes non-refundable. If you feel during the design process that your designer is not creating the design you were hoping for, you can request for your order to be cancelled and you will not be required to pay your remaining balance (if you paid in full upfront, you will be refunded 50% of your order total).


Designs and content may vary in look from browser to browser. Although we do our best to assure our designs look their best on all browsers, there may be slight variations in the look of your design between various browsers.

HOSTING (WordPress only)

Although Designer Blogs recommends certain hosting providers, you are ultimately responsible for making an informed hosting decision based on your own research. Designer Blogs is not responsible for any hosting issues you may encounter by your chosen hosting provider.


With our WordPress custom designs you are getting an unlicensed (free) copy of the Genesis Framework, which means that no framework support will be available to you by StudioPress. If you would like to be a licensed Genesis owner and have access to Genesis framework support, you will need to purchase your own individual copy of the Genesis Framework here: StudioPress Themes for WordPress. Please note that purchasing your own copy of the Genesis Framework does not entitle you to a discount on the custom package you purchase from Designer Blogs.