Tutorial: Creating a Webs Account

Here at Designer Blogs we install a lot of custom fonts.
Some require a Webs account.
To make controlling your own fonts a little easier, we decided to come up with a tutorial on how to create a FREE Webs Account.

It is nice to have one just in case…
Here we go:

First click on big green “Get Started” button

Next, BEFORE entering any information, choose HTML-Only Mode.

Then enter your email address and password, type in the verification code and click “Create My Website.”

Next, enter a domain name and click “Create My Website.”

You are now ready to upload your font files. Or at this point is where you turn it over to us!

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial,
please email us at info{at}www.designerblogs.com


  1. Thank you so much, Lara! Your tutorials are always so precise and easy-to-follow! Christmas blessings!

  2. I love using sifR-generated fonts with Webs.com! 🙂 It's so easy to go in and change them ever so often and once you've installed the html into your blogger template, any changes made in webs automatically updates in your blog – no further coding in your template is needed.

  3. nice
    thank you fore this explain
    thanks !!!!

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