The Two Best Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheets

The-two-best-keyboard-shortcut-cheat-sheetsDo you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours to accomplish everything you need to get done each day? Using keyboard shortcuts is a surefire way to increase your productivity and accomplish more work each day. Here at Designer Blogs, we use keyboard shortcuts like mad women to help us dramatically speed up our design work and processes. We wanted to share with you the two best keyboard shortcuts cheat sheets we’ve found for learning keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop and Illustrator. These visualizers include keyboard shortcuts for most of the programs in Adobe Creative Cloud. You can print them out and pin them up by your computer or download them as a desktop wallpaper for quick reference when you need help remembering a shortcut.

Adobe Shortcut Mapper:


Adobe CC Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet:

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We think these are pretty great and hope you will too!

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