15 Essential Things to Do to Make a Blog Post Successful

15 Essential Things to Do to Make a Blog Post Successful | Click to check out all of the tips | Designer Blogs
Question: What is a blog post called that nobody ever sees?
Answer: A huge waste of your time!

Don’t be someone who wastes time creating blog posts nobody ever sees. Creating successful blog posts takes time and requires you to do certain things to get your posts noticed. Blog posts don’t magically become successful without conscientious effort. If you want your impressively crafted posts seen and loved by the world, then keep reading because this post is for you.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 15 essential things to do before and after you publish a post that will give your blog posts the absolute best chance of becoming successful. Our Weekly Post Planner printable (example at bottom of post) from our FREE Ultimate Blog Planner includes these steps so you can make sure each post you create is at the top of its game.

Before You Publish the Post

1. Write an Attention-Grabbing Post Title

Your post title is what is going to sell your content to the world, so it’s essential that it is well thought out and effectively written. Blog post titles should be focused and yet descriptive. Your post title should describe in one short, powerful phrase the overall message of your post. For tips on writing attention grabbing post titles and for 48 post title templates that really work, be sure to check out:

6 Tips for Writing Attention Grabbing Post Titles

2. Add sections and Headings

The first thing most readers do when first landing on a post is they quickly scan the post to see if it looks interesting and/or contains the information they need. Putting up a single wall of unorganized text is going to make it very difficult for your readers to find what they need. Sections and headings divide your post into easily readable paragraphs. Adding headings, subheadings, bullets, lists, quotes & images are all things that add interest and organization to your post. Adding headings and subheadings that contain your focus keyword is also an important step in making your post SEO-fabulous.

3. Add Tags & Categories

Adding tags and categories to your posts adds structure to your blog and makes it easier for your readers to find specific content. Categories are like the table of contents or chapters of your blog. They are the broad topics you want to write about. While categories are broad, tags are very specific. If categories serve as the table of contents, tags are like the index or keywords of your site. For more information about tags vs. categories and to learn how to add them to each of your posts, be sure to visit the following post:

Categories vs. Tags – What’s the Difference?

4. Add Alt Text to Images

Adding alt text to your images is not only important for SEO, but it’s also important for Pinterest. What you add as your alt text, is what Pinterest will automatically pull as the description for the photo when someone pins your image to Pinterest, so make it descriptive and enticing. You can even add a call to action! For detailed instructions on how to add alt text to your images in WordPress or in Blogger, you can visit this post:

SEO Quick Tip: How to Title & Size Post Images

5. Add a Featured Image (WordPress)

Your featured image is like the cover of a book and is the image that will be used to represent your post on social media, recent post suggestion boxes, Bloglovin’, StumbleUpon, etc. Your featured image can either be an image straight from your post or you can create a separate image to upload as your featured image. It’s best to use vertical images with text on them as they draw more attention in feeds.

To add a featured image to a post in WordPress, navigate in your dashboard to Posts > Add New. Then scroll down the screen until you find the Featured Image box on the right sidebar of your screen. Click the Set featured image link. Upload the image you wish you use from your computer or you can select a photo from your media library. Then click the blue Set featured image button and that will set your selected image as your featured image.

Adding a featured image is essential when creating a new blog post

6. Deep Link to Old Posts

Adding links to older posts within a new post not only provides your readers with further reading about a given topic but also keeps people on your site longer. I’ve deep linked to older posts several times throughout this post. I’ve done this as a way of offering additional information and tutorials rather than repeating all of the information and tutorials contained in those posts here. Deep linking also helps increase your site’s page views because it encourages readers to visit more pages. This results in them spending more time on your site.

7. Proofread

I’ll be honest here. I hate proofreading! It takes time to read and re-read a post (especially a long one like this one), but it is so essential! If you are anything like me, you can proofread a post ten times, publish and then a few days later still find errors. I’m sure you’ll even find some in this post…ha! One tool that has helped me a ton when writing posts is a tool called Grammarly. Grammarly is a browser extension that will help you find and then fix common grammatical errors. As you are creating your post, it automatically underlines anything you need to take a second look at. It is constantly helping me find and fix errors within my posts that I would have otherwise overlooked. I highly recommend using this tool to help you perfect your posts.

8. SEO Optimize the Post

Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) is essential if you want your post to be noticed by search engines. Search engines help drive traffic to your website and are a powerful means of growing your site. SEO optimizing your posts is an absolute must do if you want your posts to be successful. In our post How to Unlock Yoast SEO to Grow Your Traffic, we break down exactly how to go about optimizing each of your posts, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already. I also recommend you check out these posts for additional SEO tips:

SEO Quick Tip: Titling & Sizing Images
SEO Quick Tip: Page Titles & Descriptions

9. Add a Call To Action

Adding a call to action means that you add something at the end of your post that gets your readers to act. It might be something as simple as ending your post with a question that motivates your readers to leave a comment. Or maybe you could offer a related freebie that helps you gain new email subscribers. Another idea would be to leave your readers with some type of challenge and then encourage them to return and share in a comment their experience fulfilling the challenge. When readers act on a post, they will remember that post far longer than a post without a call to action. Creating posts your readers remember means they will be far more likely to return to your site in the future.

After You Publish the Post

10. Promote Your Post on Social Media

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? It’s said that you should spend 20% of your time writing new content and 80% promoting it. After you hit publish it’s important to get your post in front of as many eyes as possible. Social media is the best tool for doing this, so be sure to share your post on all of your social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Stumbleupon, etc.

Don’t be afraid to share your post multiple times on each social platform during the week. If you only post about it once, only a small percentage of your followers will see it, so posting about it a few times in different ways and/or using varying images, will allow it to be seen by more eyes. It can be hard to keep up with social media posting so I recommend checking out these tools that will do it for you automatically:

Facebook & Twitter: Meet Edgar | Buffer | Hootsuite
Instagram: Later | Tailwind

11. Pin & Repin Your Post to Pinterest

Pinterest is a HUGE traffic source for most blogs. For Designer Blogs, it’s our #1 traffic source! Using Pinterest is key to getting your post in front of A LOT of eyes. Over the course of few days, pin your post to relevant boards on your Pinterest account. You will also want to share your post on any group boards you might be a part of.

Using a Pinterest scheduling tool like Tailwind, Ahalogy, or BoardBooster will make your life a ton easier as you can use them to schedule your post to several boards over the course of a couple of days rather than having to remember to do it manually. A few months after you publish your post, don’t be afraid to repin your post again to several boards on your account. This will keep it in front of your follower’s eyes and in constant rotation.

12. Link It Within Old Posts

Another way to get your post in front of more eyes is to go through all of your existing posts and link your new post within related posts. You can do this by editing the content to include information and a link to your new post or if you don’t want to spend time editing content, you can simply mention the post at the bottom of a related paragraph similar to the following example:

Related: How to Make Money Blogging

Like mentioned previously, deep linking to other posts within your site is a great way to give your posts more exposure and increase your page views.

13. Reply to Comments

Be sure to take the time to reply to any comments that may come in. Replying to comments builds a rapport with your readers and helps them feel valued. Answering questions your readers may have will not only be beneficial to the reader asking the question, but to future readers as well.

14. Mention the post in an email to your subscribers

Your email subscribers are some of your biggest fans! They’ve subscribed to you because they love the content you produce. However, rather than bombarding your subscribers with emails every time you publish a new post, consider sending out a weekly roundup of the week’s posts, events or news. Your subscribers have subscribed to you because they are excited to hear and learn more from you, so don’t be afraid to share your posts with your most enthusiastic fans.

15. Study Your Analytics for the Post

Studying your analytics is a great way to learn which posts your readers are loving and which posts aren’t quite working for you. After publishing a post if you find that after a few months it hasn’t performed well, try re-promoting it, changing the title to something more click-worthy, and/or improving the images used within the post. All of these things can help breathe new life into your posts. Learn more about how to read Google Analytics here:

How to Read Google Analytics


Our Weekly Post Planner, which you can download for free with The Ultimate Blog Planner, is a great tool for making sure you’ve covered each of the items listed above. All you have to do is join our email list and you’ll receive the Weekly Post Planner in addition to 26 other amazing blog planner pages that will help you organize and grow your blog like a boss! Click the button below for the free download.

15 Essential Things to Do Before and After You Hit Publish | Weekly Post Planner Example | Designer Blogs

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Class Valentine Ideas

Class Valentine Ideas with free printablesValentine’s day is fast approaching and I don’t know about you, but I always struggle when it comes to coming up with fun ideas for my kiddo’s class Valentine’s. So to help you (& me) out, I rounded up all of the free class Valentine’s day printables we’ve designed here at Designer Blogs to give you some fun & easy ideas.

Class Valentine Bag Toppers

Valentine Bag Toppers Printable

What You’ll Need:

  • the printable linked below printed on bright white card stock paper (I recommend having them professionally printed)
  • scissors
  • stapler & staples
  • assorted Valentine’s candies
  • 4″ wide x 6.25″ tall plastic baggies (I purchased mine at Zurchers)–however, I ended up cutting about 1.25 inches off the tops of each one making the final bag size before filling it around 4″x 5″


Dropping Down Valentine

Dropping Down Valentine Printable

What You’ll Need:

  • the printable download linked below printed on bright white card stock paper (I recommend having them professionally printed for the best quality)
  • scissors
  • stapler & staples
  • toy parachute figures (you can find them at Zurchers)
  • 2.5″ wide x 6″ tall plastic baggies (also can be found at Zurchers)–however, you’ll need to cut about an inch off the tops


Don’t Ever Change Valentine

Don't Ever Change Valentine Printable

What You’ll Need:

  • the printable download below printed on bright white card stock paper (I recommend having them professionally printed for the best quality)
  • scissors
  • stapler & staples
  • milk chocolate gold coins (you can find them at Zurchers)
  • 2.5″ wide x 6″ tall plastic baggies (also can be found at Zurchers)–however, you’ll need to cut about an inch off the tops


Have a Berry Good Valentine’s Day

Berry Good Valentine Printable

What You’ll Need:

  • the printable download below printed on bright white card stock paper (I recommend having them professionally printed for the best quality)
  • scissors
  • tape
  • strawberry and/or wild berry fruit strips found at Target


All of these are for personal Use Only.

The Ultimate Life Planner
Posted by: Erin

Free February Wallpaper

Free February Wallpaper

february wallpaper previewFree February Wallpaper

Enjoy this month’s wallpaper on all of your devices!

For personal use only.

The Ultimate Life Planner
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How to Unlock Yoast SEO to Grow Your Traffic

How to Unlock Yoast SEO to Grow TrafficThe Yoast SEO plugin is the #1 best SEO plugin for WordPress users. SEO is essential if you want to drive traffic to your website through search engines. The Yoast SEO plugin makes SEO a piece of cake if you use it correctly. However, many people make the mistake of thinking it will automatically start boosting your search engine traffic just by installing it. That’s not the case. In order to improve your search engine rankings, you need to unlock the benefits of the Yoast SEO plugin within each and every post or it won’t do you any good. Learning how to unlock Yoast SEO is easy, so let’s take a look at how its done.

After you have installed and activated the Yoast SEO plugin, you’ll start seeing a Yoast SEO panel at the bottom of the page when you are creating a new post or page. The goal when optimizing each post or page is to get a green bullet rating for both the readability and SEO scores.

Readability Score

The readability score tab tells you what you have done right and what you have done wrong when writing your content. Yoast has done a ton of research about what makes content easy to read. They have then translated that research into certain checks they do on your content to make sure it has good readability. For example, long sentences are hard to read, so if you have too many long sentences within your content you’ll most likely have an orange or red bullet on that check. What’s great about Yoast SEO is that it doesn’t just tell you there is a problem, but it also explains what you need to do to resolve each problem. Once the problem is resolved, the bullet will turn green.

Keyword SEO Score

The keyword SEO score tab shows everything you are doing right and wrong within your content for SEO and will assist you in making the necessary changes to turn this score green.

Snippit Preview

The snippit preview shows how your post will show up in search engines. Clicking on the Edit Snippit button will allow you to change your post url (aka: Slug), SEO title and meta description to meet the criteria suggested in the analysis. Using the analysis as an aid as you create your url and meta description will help you create powerful SEO for your post.

Focus Keyword

Choosing a strong focus keyword is essential for good SEO. Although is says “keyword” it’s best to use a descriptive key phrase rather than just a single word. Once you’ve chosen a strong descriptive key phrase, you’ll want to use that phrase in numerous places throughout your post including: throughout the content (but not too much!), in the first paragraph, in the post title & meta description, in alt tags, etc. The analysis will guide you in the best places to include your keyword.


The analysis breaks down your SEO score and shows you areas you can change to achieve a better score. If any of the bullets in the analysis section aren’t green, then do what you can to fix those issues. However, it’s important to keep in mind that content comes before SEO, so if making one of the suggested changes doesn’t make sense for your content, then leave it as is. Stuffing in keywords or changing your content in a way that doesn’t make sense comes off as cheesy and can actually hurt your SEO and detract readers from your blog. So do your very best to turn all of your bullets green, but if changing some to green hurts the quality of your content, then know it’s better to leave them as is.

Once you finish you can double check that the post is SEO fantastic right above the Publish button. If Readability and SEO are both green and say “Good” then you’ll know you’ve created a post or page with rock solid SEO.

Additional Tips on How to Improve Your SEO:

SEO Quick Tip: Titling & Sizing Images
SEO Quick Tip: Page Titles & Descriptions
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6 Tips for Writing Attention Grabbing Post Titles

6 Tips for Writing Attention Grabbing Post TitlesWriting an effective post title is one of the most important steps when creating a new post. You may have created a brilliant blog post, but if you slap a poorly written post title on it, your readers are going to skip right over it. Post titles are what sell your content, so it’s essential they are well thought out and effectively written. Effective post titles will entice your readers to want to read on and share your post with others. Your post title is what represents your content on social media, search engines and in email, so taking the time to create a memorable one is crucial in the overall success of your post.

Below are 6 tips for writing attention grabbing post titles that will help take your post titles to the next level.

1) Keep Titles Short & Focused

Blog post titles should be focused, yet descriptive. Your title should describe in one short, powerful phrase the overall message of your post. Adding strong, relevant keywords to your post title is essential for SEO. Google will cut off really long post titles, so it’s wise to keep your titles shorter than 70 characters.

Templates that Work:

  • The Do’s And Don’ts Of _____
  • The Impact Of _____
  • Why _____Is Harming You
  • The A-List Way To _____
  • The Precise Way To _____
  • What To Do If _____
  • The Best Kept Secrets Of _____
  • What To Do If _____
  • How I Doubled _____ With _____
  • The Ultimate Guide To _____
  • Tips That Show Anybody How To _____
  • Fast And Easy Ways To _____
  • Fast Solutions To _____
  • Little Known Methods to _____


2) Use “How To” Titles

The phrase “how to…” is one of the most popular search queries out there, so it’s a great phrase to use in your post titles. People love learning useful information fast, which make how to posts a favorite among blog readers.

Templates that Work:

  • How To _____ Boost Your _____
  • How To Drastically Change _____
  • How To Generate More _____
  • How To Tell If _____
  • How To Rapidly Increase _____
  • How To Produce _____ That Gets _____
  • How To Profit From _____
  • How To Create _____
  • How To Make _____By _____
  • How _____ Can Inspire _____
  • How I Gained _____ In _____
  • How To Make a Powerful _____
  • How To Unlock _____
  • How To Jump Start _____


3) Ask Questions

Asking a powerful, relevant question is a great way to get people to click through to your post. When people read a question, they naturally think of a response. The key to getting people to read your full post is by asking a question that resonates with your specific audience.

Templates that Work:

  • Want To Immediately _____?
  • Are You Too _____ For _____?
  • Do You Want To _____?
  • What On Earth Is _____?
  • Who Wants To _____ And Get _____?
  • Think You Know All There Is About _____?
  • Like _____? Then You’ll Love _____
  • Want To Drastically _____?


4) Use Numbers & Lists

Readers love a good list because they are easy to scan through. Starting your post title with a number helps it stand out. A list also gives your readers a clear idea of what to expect in your post.

Templates that Work:

  • # Ways To Avoid _____
  • # Reasons You Should _____
  • # Reasons Why _____ Is ______
  • # Rules For _____
  • # Questions You Should Ask Before _____
  • # Proven Ways To _____
  • # Secrets To _____
  • # Types Of _____
  • # Best Ways To _____
  • # Essential Tips For _____
  • # Ways To Make Your _____ More _____
  • # Must Haves For _____


5) Use Solid Action Verbs

Action verbs are words that describe what your readers will be able to do by reading your post. Your readers are thirsting for applicable knowledge and using strong action verbs will entice them to want to learn more.


  • Beautify
  • Build
  • Create
  • Discover
  • Drive
  • Eliminate
  • Engage
  • Enhance
  • Establish
  • Gain
  • Generate
  • Get
  • Grow
  • Increase
  • Keep
  • Maintain
  • Make
  • Maximize
  • Move
  • Optimize
  • Organize
  • Overcome
  • Prove
  • Spice Up
  • Stop
  • Unlock


6) Use Powerful Adjectives

Adjectives are describing words that will enhance your post titles. Using powerful adjectives will make your post sound more appealing to your audience and will increase the likelihood that people will read the full post.


  • Attention-grabbing
  • Best
  • Breathtaking
  • Clever
  • Controversial
  • Crazy
  • Epic
  • Eye-opening
  • Fantastic
  • Fearless
  • Guaranteed
  • Insane
  • Irresistible
  • Jaw-dropping
  • Mind-blowing
  • Proven
  • Recommended
  • Secure
  • Snazzy
  • Spectacular
  • Stunning
  • Successful
  • Surprising
  • Tasty
  • Tested
  • Trendy
  • Unbelievable
  • Useful

Blog post titles make or break the success of your post and will either attract or disinterest your readers, so really put some thought into your titles and you’ll be amazed at the difference they make in the success of your blog.

If you have any other tips for crafting effective post titles, we’d love to hear them in the comments below.


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