Template Design Terms


Template Design Terms
& conditions



These designs come standard with the 2-column layout shown in each design and do not support other layout options such as 3-column layouts.


Please be sure to select the correct platform (Blogger vs. WordPress) when placing your order. Design files for Blogger clients will be immediately delivered to your inbox for instant download. For WordPress clients, you will be contacted by a designer within 1-3 days of purchase. Your designer will code your design for WordPress and get it installed to your site for you.


Before purchasing a design, please review the customizable options included with your chosen design. Unless specifically stated as a customizable option, all other design elements come AS IS, meaning the colors & fonts you see are the colors & fonts you get. Customizable options apply to BLOGGER purchases only. WORDPRESS purchases do not include customizable options.


Due to the unique nature of our Blogger templates (digital downloads), we do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges on our Blogger templates. This is to safeguard and prevent unauthorized use of our designs, so please be certain you want the design before submitting payment. For WordPress clients, if we have not yet started coding your design for WordPress, then we will gladly send a refund minus any PayPal checkout fees.


When installed to your site, our template coding will replace all existing coding within the html of your design. If you have special custom coding within your html (ie: added coding for SEO, Google Analytics, etc.) that you would like preserved, please visit our custom quote order form and purchase installation help for $10 (Blogger only). Please make a special note on your order that you have custom coding that you would like preserved. A designer will then be in touch to perform your install in a way that will preserve that coding. We are not responsible for any coding lost due to your failure to purchase installation help and/or communicate coding preservation requests to us.


If you decide to change your template design to another template design after you have purchased the first design, you will be required to purchase the new design in order to use it. We do not offer exchanges on our blog templates.


We provide basic troubleshooting support on our templates for up to 24 hours after purchase. For further help, please visit our blog accessories shop and purchase our “post-install support package.”


As with any new design, it is strongly recommended that you save a back up of your blog before you install your new design to assure nothing is lost during the installation process. Designer Blogs is not responsible for anything lost due to your failure to backup your blog. Backup instructions are included with your purchase or can be found here for Blogger.


Our Blogger templates are to be installed by you, not us. If you encounter problems and need help with installation, you will be charged an installation fee of $10. WordPress templates will be installed by a designer.


  • Make changes to the template code to better suit your needs–however, please understand that Designer Blogs will no longer offer support to you if alterations have been made. We are also not liable for any errors or damages that may occur from such alterations.
  • Use the template on any one blog. If you wish to use the same template on multiple blogs, you must repurchase the template for each blog.
  • Add, remove, & rearrange gadgets on your sidebar. You may also add/remove pages as needed.


  • Share, redistribute, resell or give away any part of the graphical elements or template code.
  • Use the template on more than one blog. Again, if you wish to use the same template on multiple blogs, you must repurchase the template for each blog.
  • Claim any of the graphical elements or any part of the template code as your own regardless of whether it is in an altered state or not. Our credit link must remain unaltered and intact on the design while using any part of our design.
  • Use the template code or graphical elements to create your own blog designs for resell in any way.
  • Use the graphical elements from our designs to create your own images for your social media pages. If you would like your social media pages to match your design, you’ll need to purchase those items from our blog accessories shop.