Premade Design Terms


Premade Design Terms
& conditions



We reserve the right to reject any order placed for a blog that we feel contains objectionable or offensive material.


Payment on all premades is due upfront via PayPal. Your order form will send you to our payment gateway for you to pay immediately upon placing your order. Payment must be made in full before we will begin on your design.


Our premades are not one-of-a-kind designs, meaning we do not retire a design once it is sold. By purchasing a premade you understand that you may come across another site on the web who is also using your same design.


Our WordPress & Blogger premades are sold “as is” meaning we will not alter the existing designs except to personalize them with your own header title and tag-line. If you love a design and want some things changed, you will need to pay a fee for each item you want altered. Please contact us for quotes.


Our designs will replace all existing coding within your html. If you have custom coding within your html (ie: Google Analytics, SEO, etc.) that coding will be lost unless you notify your designer of it prior to install so she will know to carry over that coding. Items like drop-down menu’s and post excerpts will need to be purchased if you wish for them to be carried over into the new design. Your post content, comments and sidebar gadgets/widgets will remain as is and will not be lost with the install of the new design. If you wish for any sidebar gadgets such as social media buttons, custom sidebar graphics, etc. to be changed to coordinate your new design, then you will need to purchase those items from us–otherwise, they will remain as is with the install of the new design.


As with any new design, it is strongly recommended that you save a back up of your blog before we install your new design to assure nothing is lost during the installation process. Designer Blogs is not responsible for anything lost due to your failure to backup your blog. Back up instructions for Blogger can be found here.


All images or graphics you provide to be used in your design are assumed to have the proper permissions. Designer Blogs is not liable for the use/misuse of the images and graphics you provide to us.


If you decide to change your WordPress or Blogger premade design to another premade design in the middle of the design process, you will be charged for the time already spent on the original design at $50/hour. Changing your design may also result in your order taking longer than the designated week to complete.


You are responsible for maintaining your site once the design has been installed. This includes adding content to pages and posts, updating plugins & themes, adding/removing gadgets/widgets, etc. If you crash your site after the design has been installed and for whatever reason need the design re-installed, you will be required to pay for the re-installation of your design.


Due to the unique nature of blog design, Designer Blogs does not offer refunds on premade designs already begun. If we have not yet started on your WordPress or Blogger premade, we will gladly send a refund minus any PayPal checkout fees.

HOSTING (WordPress only)

Although Designer Blogs recommends certain hosting providers, you are ultimately responsible for making an informed hosting decision based on your own research. Designer Blogs is not responsible for any hosting issues you may encounter by your chosen hosting provider.


With our WordPress premades you are getting an unlicensed (free) copy of the Genesis Framework, which means that no framework support will be available to you by StudioPress. If you would like to be a licensed Genesis owner and have access to Genesis framework support, you will need to purchase your own individual copy of the Genesis Framework here: StudioPress Themes for WordPress. Purchasing your own copy of the Genesis Framework does not entitle you to a discount on the WordPress theme you purchase from Designer Blogs.