How to Add Pages to a WordPress Blog

Adding pages to a WordPress blog is easy peasy. For those new to WordPress who are unsure of the differences between posts and pages, here’s a quick breakdown:


Posts are content entries listed in reverse chronological order, meaning that your most recent post will appear at the top of the home page of your blog. As a post gets older, the deeper the user has to dig to find it. Your blog will mainly consist of these.


Pages are meant to be static and are used for content such as your about page, legal disclaimers, contact page, etc. Pages are timeless entries that do not have a date associated with them. Most sites only have a few of these. Pages are usually linked to within the menu bar to create easy access to them.

So now let’s learn how to add pages to a WordPress blog.

First log in to your WordPress dashboard. Then click “Pages” and then “Add New.”

Add a title for your new page and then enter in the page content. Once the page is finalized, click “Publish.”


To edit existing pages, go to “Pages” and then “All Pages.” You’ll see a list of all of the pages you’ve created listed there. Hover over the page you’d like to edit and then click “Edit.”

And that’s it! Simple, right? Once you get your pages created, then you might find the following tutorials helpful in getting your menu bar created:

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