Tutorial | How to Add Google Fonts to WordPress

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.orgAdding Google fonts to your WordPress blog is a great and easy way to customize the look of your blog. By default there are many standard font families installed with WordPress that are designed for optimal readability such as Ariel, Helvetica or sans-serif. However, sometimes when creating a post, you may want to use more decorative fonts as headings or to add emphasis to certain areas of your post. Today I’ll be explaining how to add Google Fonts to WordPress as a way to achieve a more personalized look. I know it sounds a little intimidating, but I promise it isn’t! In fact, with this tutorial you don’t even have to touch any coding at all. It’s that easy.

Watch the clip below to find out how.

So, there you have it. It doesn’t seem so bad, right!? Do you think it’s something you’ll be able to tackle?  Let me know in the comments. I’d also be glad to help answer any questions you have about this tutorial. Just leave them in the comments section below.

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Posted by Erika S.


  1. Very nice tutorial, as it is with installing other plugins, putting Google fonts is also super easy!

  2. Your blog has always been a good source for me to get quality tutorial on wordpress. Thanks once again.

    • Thanks for reading, Saniya!
      Let us know if you try out any of our tutorials. We’d love to see them in action on your site!

  3. Thanks for this easy tutorial 🙂
    But do you know, if it possible to use this fonts on titles on wordpress blogposts?



    • Hi Diana! Thanks for reading 🙂

      To add custom fonts to your titles, I recommend coding them into your CSS. Another option would be installing the WordPress plugin called “fonts” which will allow you to add in any font for your post titles.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!

  4. Thanks, it’s a helpful tutorial, but I do have one question, can I setup anywhere to apply certain fonts for my body text/ headers all the time, so I don’t need to select the font I want to use each time I write a post ?

    Also, can I apply this on my old posts at once without going and updating all my posts one by one?




    • I’m glad you enjoyed the tutorial, Betty!

      If you are wanting to use certain fonts in your headers and text all the time, you will want to code them into your actual CSS. Another option might be to use a WordPress plugin called “fonts”…It allows you to change fonts on your site without using any CSS at all.

      Hope this helps!

  5. Kim @ Living Vintage says:

    I LOVE THIS TUTORIAL SO MUCH! (Sorry to use all caps, but I feel I could indeed shout it to the world.) So incredibly easy to follow. You’ve made a seemingly complex task like changing fonts incredibly easy!

  6. Thanks for this helpful tutorial. It seems that things have changed a little on Google’s end. For one, instead of changing “Off” to “On” for the API key, I believe it says “Enable.” There are a few more slight changes after that. But I was still able to figure things out and I will love having access to all these fun fonts! Thanks again for this information!

  7. Thanks for sharing nice informative article with us.

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