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pink-door-designs-mood-boardWe were thrilled to have the opportunity to build a custom website design for Jamie of Pink Door Designs. Jamie was paired with a new comer to our team, Erika S. (not to be confused with our other fabulous Erika), because Erika’s design style meshed perfectly to that of Jamie’s. Here is Erika’s take on the project:

When I first received Jamie’s order, I was completely drawn to her site tagline, “Artful Interiors. ” I wanted to see what that meant, so I headed over to her website and starting looking around. The more I read about her and her love for interior design, the more I felt like I understood her vision. Jamie is so creative and she wanted her site to really showcase her work–but also show off her personality. Once I felt like I had a feel for Jamie’s personality, I headed over to the Pinterest board she compiled for her design. It was beautiful. Seriously, chalked full of pinks, golds, and blacks. Plus, fun patterns to boot. It was a no brainer– I knew I had to use bold colors and incorporate some pops of pattern into her design. Here’s a look at what we came up with:

pink-door-computerFor her logo, I wanted to keep it simple with just a few pops of patterns and colors. The brushed font is the perfect focal point for her site and I love how her tagline snuggles right up beneath it. From there, it was smooth sailing and everything fell right into place with the design. My favorite parts of the design are the dot pattern at the end of the navigation, and also the customized pictures on her about page and her press page. I was so excited to get it installed on her blog and to see what it would look like with her actual content. Here’s a look at how her full home page turned out:


I definitely feel like this design does what it is intended for. It showcases Jaime’s creativity and love for what she does!

Check out Jamie’s full design here.

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