Bernadette | By Emily

BernadetteBernadette is a blog template designed for the Blogger & WordPress platforms. Once installed, the design will automatically assume your own blog title, tagline, and menu link titles. A few notable features in this design include bordered sidebar titles, watercolor detail, and mobile responsive coding.

The Bernadette blog template includes:

  • mobile responsive design
  • header & background as shown
  • design colors as shown
  • custom font titles (Playfair Display + Amberlight)
  • styled profile widget (Blogger Only)
  • stylized text link menu
  • two-column wide layout
  • 300px wide right sidebar
  • 650px wide post area

Customizable Options:

  • link color
  • link hover color
  • blog title color
  • blog tagline color
  • date color
  • post title color
  • post title hover color
  • underline/border color
  • post body text color
  • post body text font
  • post footer color
  • sidebar title color
  • sidebar text color
  • sidebar text font

Purchasing Options:

  • To purchase for the WORDPRESS platform click HERE.
  • To purchase for the BLOGGER platform click the button below.