Custom Design Process


Custom Design Process
how things work



You place an order by filling out and submitting the order form linked on the site. Your order form will provide your designer the information necessary to create a custom design you’ll love. Please be as detailed as possible when answering the questions on the form. The more information you share, the easier it will be for your designer to capture the look you are hoping for.


At checkout you will have the option to pay for your order in full or to make a non-refundable 50% deposit. A 50% minimum deposit is required to secure your spot in our queue. If you make a deposit you will be invoiced your remaining balance before installation. We accept all major credit cards or you may pay via PayPal. Please send all payments via Paypal to: [email protected].


Once your order is submitted, you will receive a reply within 1-2 days (please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive it within that time frame) from [email protected] to confirm that your order was received. Our reply will include an estimated start date for your project and queue wait instructions.


Due to demand, ordering a custom blog design requires a short queue wait. Your name will be placed in the custom queue in the order your 50% deposit is received. During your queue wait you will need to do the following things to assure we will be able to start promptly on your order when your name reaches the top of the queue:

1. CREATE A PINTEREST BOARD – Please pin images to this board that represent your style and show the colors and font styles you like. Your designer will use this board as the inspiration for your design. Your designer will ask for your Pinterest board link when she contacts you to get started on your design.

2. PAGES & CONTENT – Please get all pages and content in place on your site. If your pages and content are not ready prior to us beginning your design, your project start date may be delayed.

3. SEND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – Please send to [email protected] any additional information your designer will need for your design. We will file everything you send us during this time with your order.


When your name reaches the top of the queue, your assigned designer will contact you to introduce herself and to ask any questions she may have after reviewing your order. At this time she will also ask for the direct link to your Pinterest board and may also ask for your hosting information (username/password), domain info (if needing a transfer), and any additional information she feels is needed in order to complete your order.


MOOD BOARD: Your designer will use all of the information she has gathered and your Pinterest board to create a mood board. The mood board will help to assure she is headed in the right direction with your design. The mood board will show the proposed colors, fonts, patterns and the general style for your design and will be tweaked until you are happy with the direction. {example}


TEST SITE: Once the mood board is in place, your designer will create a live preview of your proposed design on a test site. The link to the preview site will be emailed to you as soon as it is ready. Because your feedback plays such an important part in creating a design you will love, there will usually be a quick succession of emails taking place while your test site is being created, so please check your email frequently to help speed this process along.

REVISIONS: Once your test site has been put together, your designer will gladly provide up to three rounds of revisions on your design. After reviewing the test site, you will send her a list of changes/tweaks you’d like made (round 1). She will make those changes and then have you review the test site again. You’ll again provide another list of changes/revisions (round 2). If needed, you’ll repeat this process one more time to complete the 3rd round. Three rounds is usually sufficient to get your design looking just right. If additional rounds are requested, they will be billed at $50/hour.


Once you have carefully reviewed all aspects of the design and you feel you are 100% happy with it, your designer will ask for approval to install the design. With this approval you are agreeing that you are happy with the design and that no more requests for revisions will be made, so please make sure you are completely happy with everything before giving your designer approval to install. Approving your design for installation also means that you agree to promptly pay the final balance for your order (if any remains).


Once you have approved the design for installation, your designer will send you a final invoice (if applicable) for the remaining balance of your order. Please note that upon payment, your full payment becomes non-refundable. Once the balance has been paid in full, she will proceed with the installation process.


After you’ve approved your design for installation, you designer will ask you to provide the login information to your site. If you have concerns about sharing your login information, you may create a temporary password that can be changed after installation or you may temporarily add your designer as an administrator to your blog. Please note that major revisions will not be made to your blog after it has been installed, so please be sure you are 100% happy with your design before you give the okay to install. During the installation of your design, your designer will place a temporary coming soon page on your blog while she transfers the design from the test site to your live site (WordPress sites only). Installation generally only takes a few hours, but may take up to a day depending on the size of your site. Your designer can provide you with a more accurate time estimate before she installs based on the size of your site. During installation we ask that you please not make any changes to your site.


After installation we ask that you take a few days to settle into your new design. We will be happy to provide up to one hour of free post-install support to go over any basic trouble-shooting questions you may have as you settle into your design (expires 30 days from installation date). For additional revisions or more complex technical support, you’ll need to purchase our Post-Install Support Package from our Blog Accessories Shop. We also recommend that you review our Blogger tutorials or WordPress tutorials as you’ll find answers to most basic troubleshooting questions there.