Free Chore Chart Printable

Chore Chart Free Printable
This chore chart allows your child to be responsible for accomplishing their own list of extra chores each week. Your child can pick which chore he/she wishes to do each day–knowing that all chores must be accomplished by the end of the week. Your child can move chore from “need to be done” side of chore chart to “done” side when the chore is complete. This printable chore chart is designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11″ paper.


• Weekly extra chores 8.5 x 11″ printable (.pdf)
• 20 individual chores 8.5 x 11″ printable (.pdf)


• Do Laundry
• Sort Laundry
• Weeding Assignment (allows parent to designate area to be weeded)
• Clean Bathroom
• Empty Garbage’s
• Clean Out Car
• Clean Mud Room
• Mop Kitchen Floor
• Sweep Kitchen Floor
• Clean Up Playroom
• Dusting Assignment (allows parent to designate area to be dusted)
• Fold Laundry
• Vacuum Bedroom
• Put Away Laundry
• Mow the Lawn
• Vacuum Stairs
• Re-stock Toilet Paper Under Sinks
• Organize Game Closet
• Take Garbage to Curb
• Mom/Dad Assigned Chore (allows parent to assign a chore not listed that needs to be done)

Cut out only the chores you wish to use. Chart can hold up to 10 chores.

Chore Chart Free Printable


Place chart behind glass of a picture frame OR hard laminate chart. Cut out chores first and then hard laminate them leaving space as you put them through the laminator so each can be cut out. Place Velcro strips down each column for the number of chores you’d like displayed. Place Velcro on backs of each individual chore so chores can be attached to chart. Note: works best if soft side of Velcro is placed down both columns of chart and rough side of Velcro is placed on backs of individual chores.


• Hard Lamination (available at any local print shop)
• Velcro
• Picture Frame (optional)


For chore chart customizations, please visit our custom quote order form and list the following quotes:

Customized chores = $1 each
Chart customized with child’s name = $10 {example}
Customized colors = $20


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