20 Free Fonts that won’t fail you

Let’s face it.  There are loads of free fonts out there.  When I started collecting fonts several years ago I was so thrilled to find so many available for free.  If there had ever been a Hoarders: Font Edition I would definitely been on the first season.  It was a problem.

As I did more and more design work I realized that not all free fonts are created equal.  While several are fun, some are more dependable than others.  I slowly began deleting fonts that weren’t very professional or were a little sloppy in their delivery.

At Designer Blogs we are always here to help you make the most of your presence on the web so today we are sharing 20 free fonts that won’t fail you when you are in a typography pickle.  These fonts will always look clean and tidy and will make a great impression, no matter your project.


Altast Greeting | Fanwood | Filosofia Unicase | League Gothic | Raleway | Otama | Champignon | Museo | Wisdom Script | Nevis | Learning Curve | Garogier | Amperzand | Mission Script | Quicksand | Castro Script | Intro | Ostrich Sans | Montserrat | Cubano

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Posted by: Emily


  1. Thank you for sharing the free most reliable fonts. I looked under tutorial didnt find it there but where would u plug in the font name on blogger? I went under html and changed all the names to one of the font names listed here but it still looked the same.

    Any suggestions?

    thank you

  2. Anna says:
  3. yasmin says:

    those are great! thanks for the share! are any of these good for print commercial use?

  4. Farah says:


  5. imtiaz ahmad says:
  6. LISA says:

    Where is DL link?


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